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Who may qualify to file a dog attack accident lawsuit in Texas?

Any person or family member of a person who was injured by a dog bite in Texas qualifies to file a lawsuit. Dog owners are responsible for any damage or harm their pets cause. They can be legally be held accountable for their negligence.

Why do I need a Texas dog bite attorney ?

Insurance companies will do their best to avoid and limit payouts and pet owners will do their best to keep from having to pay for their pet’s actions. Our experienced attorney will utilize police reports, animal control reports, medical reports, and witness testimony to prove liability.

Does it cost anything for you to review my case?

Roxell Richards and Associates have and also will listen to your case and give a free consultation without any case or future obligation.

I was offered a substantial claim by the dog owner’s insurance company. Why do I need a lawyer?

It is always in insurance companies best interest to offer a lower claim than neccessary and pressure a victim into accepting it. To attain a fair claim, you should at least consult with an attorney before accepting any insurance company offer or signing any insurance documents. Make sure you get what you deserve. Injuries may be longer-lasting that you realize, cause long-term complications, or eventually require surgery to properly prepair. It is rash to judge whether a payout is fair without the consultation of an experienced Texas dog bite attorney.

Are there Texas dog bite lawsuit time limits that apply to me?

The statute of limitations in Texas on dog bite personal injury claims is two years. To avoid missing this deadline, contact a Texas dog bite attorney as soon as possible.


If someone else’s animal kills my pet, do I have a legal claim?  

If your pet is injured or killed by another animal, you may be entitled to receive “compensatory” damages. The amount may include the purchase price of a similar pet, registration of a purebred animal, licensing, shots, and training costs. Additionally, if you spent additional money on your pet — other than for normal veterinary bills — you should be compensated for such sums. In some cases, you may be able to receive compensation for mental anguish, loss of the companionship of the pet, and even punitive damages.


What should I do if I am bitten by a dog?

Anyone who has been bitten by a dog needs to seek medical attention as soon as possible after the incident. Photograph the bite and keep a record of any medical expenses. Contact a personal injury lawyer to get an idea of what your dog bite injury is worth and whether or not you should take legal action. If you or someone you know has been bitten by a dog, Roxell Richards and Associates are here to help.

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