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Day Care Injury Episode

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For many, day care is a reality of caring for a young child. Busy schedules, long work days, and unreliable babysitters are just three reasons why more than 11 million American children are in child care programs around the country. For the most part, day care programs are usually very reliable. Licensing and accreditation laws hold day care centers to higher standards of care and accountability. For instance, licensed day care centers have to follow certain guidelines for teacher to child ratios and must have regular background checks. If you are a parent who relies on daycare it is important to place your child in the hands of a licensed care provider. The Texas Early Learning Council has a great online tool for helping parents compare program standards as well as other handy resources. In at three(3) year period 49 Texas children died because of unregulated childcare. Protect your child from unregulated day care centers. Ask if your daycare center is accredited.



However, even at accredited day care centers, small accidents can turn into big dangers for children. No daycare facility is immune to small lapses in judgment or inattentiveness. In March of 2016, the passing of a three-month old baby captured tragic world headlines. A caregiver left the boy alone for multiple hours while the infant slept. During that time, the infant rolled over, face down on a plastic mattress cover. The boy suffocated and could not be saved. It has been long known that waterproof, plastic covers should not be used on infant mattresses because they are breathing hazards.

The facility was investigated and cited by the Department of Social Services and the State Law Enforcement Division for negligent action that lead to the infant’s death. Yet, despite the boy’s preventable death, the state was unable to hold the facility accountable for any damages.
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