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Bicycle Accident

Over the past few decades, interest in cycling has grown tremendously.  As a result, more and more communities are increasing their efforts to encourage automobile drivers to “Share the Road” with bicyclists.  By law, bicycles on the roadway are entitled to the same rights, and responsibilities, as cars and trucks. Sometimes, however, despite a cyclist’s best efforts to safely operate his/her bicycle on a roadway, he/she can suffer injuries due to the negligence of another driver.  The majority of the time the driver of the car is at fault, but insurance companies often misinterpret the facts and try to avoid paying out claims.

Houston Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Dedicated to helping those that have been injured in bicycle accidents, the attorneys at have significant experience in handling the most serious biking accident injury claims. Our firm has built a reputation as one of the leading personal injury law firms in the Houston and throughout Texas by achieving outstanding results for our clients. We understand the sport and the dangers associated with cycling. In calling us, you will see the dedication of our lawyers and staff is unparalleled. We are diligent in pursuit of bicycle accident claims and we are committed to serving our clients with the absolute highest quality legal representation available. If you or a loved one has sustained injuries after a bicycle crash in Texas, contact Roxell Richards and Associates today for a FREE case evaluation.  Most injury claims have a limited time frame in which you can file before you waive your rights to seek compensation.  It is important to act quickly. Contact Roxell Richards today to discuss your case with our experienced Texas bicycle accident attorneys. We have an established history of working hard for favorable results. Call (713) 974-0388 or 1-844 7-RIGHTS.

Texas Bicycle Accident Information Center

Over 4 million Texans ride bicycles every year. However, Texas law and insurance companies do not do a good enough job of protecting bicyclists. Texas is one of the worst states in Texas to ride a bike. Many bicyclists fall prey to reckless drivers or dangerous riding conditions. Fortunately Roxell Richards is an experienced bicycle attorney. Roxell Richards proudly represents bicyclists as a dedicated personal injury attorney.  If you or someone you know has been harmed riding their bicycle, you can call for a free consultation with one of the few attorneys in Texas willing to represent bicyclists.




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