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Off-road Recreational Vehicle Accidents

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Off Road Accidents

Texas is a mecca for all-terrain vehicles (ATVs). The state boasts hundreds of miles of trails. For tourists, off-road ATV, jeep and dune buggy tours are increasingly popular ways of exploring unique desert landscapes. Unfortunately, ATVs, dune buggies and other off-roading vehicles can be dangerous. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, hundreds of ATV-related deaths and more than 100,000 ATV-related injuries occur every year. Alcohol, negligent operation, inadequate safety features and defective equipment are often contributing factors. At Roxell Richards and Associates in Houston, our ATV off-road accident lawyers represent injury victims and their families. We provide high-quality legal representation and superior client service. We are not a personal injury mill that emphasizes quantity over quality. Instead, when you turn to us for help, we will know you by name.

Houston Off Road Accidents Lawyer

At Roxell Richards & Associates, we give every case the highest level of attention and care. We know that you’re facing a tough situation, and we’re dedicated to taking on challenging situations. With experience at representing those facing a range of recreational accident injuries, our attorneys can explain exactly what your options are and help you decide on the best way to proceed. Contact Roxell Richards today to discuss your case with our experienced Texas off-road accident attorneys. We have an established history of working hard for favorable results. Call (713) 974-0388 or 1-844 7-RIGHTS. We can honestly assess your case and give you an outlook on what you can achieve. We want to help you through this difficult situation, and the first step is to analyze the details of your accident.

Texas Off Road Accidents Law Information Center

Motorcyclists often suffer from serious injuries after accidents. Riders can be subjected to neck and back injuries, broken bones, severe rashes and burns, and traumatic brain injuries. Motorcyclist safety is paramount. Unfortunately, statistics show that motorist riders and bikers risk death and serious injury each time they ride. Distracted drivers, drunk drivers, and reckless drivers make the streets more dangerous than ever. Even worse, negative bias against bikers can prevent them from getting proper compensation out of insurance claims. However, our motorcycle accident attorneys can get you or someone you know fair compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and trauma.




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