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Involved in a Catastrophic Accident or Injury?

A catastrophic accident injury is an injury which is classed as severe and likely to have a long-term effect on your life.  This type of injury may also include those which can reduce your life expectancy. This type of injury can be sustained as a result of many types of accidents, including, but not limited to, road traffic accidents, workplace accidents, medical or clinical negligence.

Can I file a lawsuit for my catastrophic accident or injuries?

You should contact Roxell Richards Law Firm to have a conversation with our experienced Attorneys. If you decide to make a claim for your injuries, we will take formal instructions for us to act on your behalf in your case.

The next step would be to collect evidence of how the injury occurred. We will take detailed instructions from you on how the circumstances of the accident and notify the Defendant of the claim being brought forward. We will then obtain medical evidence, police evidence and evidence from the Defendant, all where applicable.

Once contact has been established with the Defendant, and we can identify whom the party at fault is through the evidence.

A settlement will be sought as early as possible on the case; however, in some cases, the Defendant will not admit fault, and we may have to proceed to Court in order to protect your best interest on the case.

Our dedicated solicitors can claim interim payments to help you pay for your needs while you wait for your claim to be completed. This could mean obtaining:

  • Immediate payments to alleviate financial hardship
  • Professional care and ongoing support
  • Adaptations to your home; and
  • Medical treatment


There are many types of catastrophic injuries that likely would require legal counsel to explore and pursue legal options. Some examples include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injury including paralysis
  • Amputation
  • Other permanent, physical injuries

Regardless of the cause of your life-altering injury, there will be many important factors surrounding your case. Sorting it all out to establish fault and the extent of the damages you suffer likely will necessitate help from a qualified attorney. Roxell Richards and Associates offers free consultations and will move quickly on your case.


If you have suffered a catastrophic injury as the result of someone’s negligence, you may seek compensation for damages from those responsible. This kind of injury is often accompanied by long-term or permanent disability. You or a family member may be unable to maintain employment as a result, creating an incredible financial strain. Hiring a Houston catastrophic injury attorney is the first step in protecting your rights and options. It is important to understand you may have several options. For instance in a serious automobile accident, your own policy may help to provide benefits. Texas requires insurers to offer personal injury protection on automobile policies, which covers the policyholder’s medical bills arising from an accident and under insured coverage that helps protect you if the person who injures you in a car wreck does not have enough coverage.

TEXAS Catastrophic Accident and Injury Attorney

Roxell Richards and Associates is available to assist you in applying for the benefits you need after a catastrophic accident. She negotiates skillfully and argues convincingly in court.  Contact Roxell Richards today to discuss your case with our experienced Texas injury attorneys. We have an established history of working hard for favorable results. Call (713) 974-0388 or 1-844 7-RIGHTS.