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Involved in a Maritime Accident?

Maritime accident can happen on a ship at sea, offshore oil rigs, ports, and shipyards. A tugboat, ferry, commercial fishing boat, crude oil tanker, barge, or cruise ship could all be involved. A ship-owner has a legal obligation to provide a seaworthy vessel with enough equipment and a qualified crew.

Maritime law is a difficult system of laws to navigate. It requires professional knowledge, which is why if you’ve been injured on the job, you’ll need a competent maritime lawyer to assist you with filing claims, filing paperwork, resolving arbitration, and, if required, going to court. These professionals can guide you and obtain you the money you deserve based on their years of study and experience working on maritime matters.

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Maritime accident are usually associated with disasters aboard ships due to adverse weather, rocky waters, and other dangerous conditions. Maritime Law is generally covered under to types of law. The Jones Act and or the Longshore Act.

The Jones Act provides certain rights to the seaman to protect their health and livelihood. A seaman who has been injured has the ability to pursue a claim against the ship-owner, captain, or other members of the crew. However, the law provides for certain conditions to apply. It is critical to your claim that you speak with a competent attorney to explain the terms and conditions of the law to see if you qualify to file your claim.

The Longshore Act, the Longshore and Harbors Workers’ Compensation Action is a statutory worker’s compensation scheme to provide protection to maritime workers who are protected under the Jones Act. This Act provides benefits to workers for work-related injuries and it also provides benefits to the widow, widower, or eligible survivors if an injury or illness leads to death.

Our Maritime Accident Attorney Can Help You

Our maritime injury attorneys at Roxell Richards Law Firm can assess your case and establish whether laws apply based on your employment status, the type of vessel, and the location of the accident. We can assist you in understanding your legal options, providing you with the information you need to make the right decision for your situation, gathering evidence to support your claim, and fighting for maximum compensation on your behalf.

The remedy for your maritime law is an award of damages. Don’t wait any longer to understand your legal options after a maritime accident. Contact Roxell Richards Law firm today to discuss your case with our experienced Texas Maritime accident attorneys. We have an established history of working hard for favorable results. Call (713) 974-0388 for free case consultation.



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