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Many people who need legal help worry they won’t be able to afford an attorney. As a result, many people do not pursue their claims or file a lawsuit without the help of an attorney. Many clients, on the other hand, are unaware that they may be able to get a lawyer without paying any legal fees until the lawyer recovers money on their behalf. This is known as a contingency fee arrangement.

What is contingency fee?

A contingency fee is a payment system in which the client agrees to pay the lawyer a percentage of the amount of compensation received through legal a claim, which is normally agreed upon through a signed contract between the client and the lawyer. A negotiated settlement before a lawsuit is filed, a settlement after a lawsuit is filed, or a trial judgment can all affect the amount of compensation.

Thousands of ads for lawyers appear every day in local newspapers, on television stations, and even on social media sites such as Facebok, Instagram and LinkedIn. The majority of these advertisements state that the firm does not charge any fees unless they win.

Attorney fees are usually based on the attorneys’ and their staff’s time and effort. These expenses do not include the out-of-pocket expenditures of a court case, which are unavoidable in any legal action. While you may not be obliged to pay any legal fees up front or at all (unless you win), you will almost always be responsible for all litigation costs.

While some law firm ask you to pay case fees as they are incurred, others do not (especially if you have a good case) and instead deduct these costs from the eventual settlement. These expenditures, when combined with legal fees, might amount to 50 percent or more of the compensation. Attorneys that specialize in litigation, such as personal injury or workers’ compensation lawyers, may have arrangements with lenders who would advance the expenses to the attorney in exchange for a promissory note signed by you.


Clients are not at risk

A contingency fee contract usually entails little or no risk for the client. Because the lawyer must win the lawsuit in order to be compensated for his or her legal labor, the lawyer bears the majority of the financial risk. This cost plan is ideal for clients who cannot afford to engage an attorney out of pocket.

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Do you have any cases where we can help? Are you struggling to pay your bills or keep your family afloat? You may be able to get assistance, but it’s important that you don’t pay anything up front. In many cases, there is no charge for our services until we win or settle the case. We at Roxell Richards law firm that specializes in personal injury and wrongful death. We will listen to your story, look over the facts, and work with you every step of the way. At our law firm, you do pay anything unless we collect money on your behalf. Only then, will our fees and case expenses be deducted from any monetary recovery we collect! Call us today at 713-974-0388 or click the link to schedule your free case review.



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