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Involved in a Pedestrian Accident?

The pedestrian often is at a disadvantage in such disputes because they are often seriously injured at the scene of the accident and unable to give the investigating officer their side of the story. The personal injury lawyers at Roxell Richards and Associates regularly assist those who have not only been victimized by being struck as a pedestrian, but who had no voice in the initial investigation of the collision. When the victim of a pedestrian accidents is incapacitated following the collision, the driver of the vehicle will often contend that the pedestrian “jumped” out in front of him or entered the crosswalk when the pedestrian had a “Don’t Walk” sign. When the case is witnessed, liability may not be an issue.

However, many witnesses just catch the tail end of the collision and notice the “Don’t Walk” sign is flashing. In the absence of a thorough investigation, such an incomplete observation can lead to the erroneous conclusion that the light was flashing “Don’t Walk” at the time the pedestrian stepped off the curb. Also, many pedestrian accidents are not witnessed or the witness fails to identify themselves to an investigating police officer. As the victim is often incapacitated at the scene, the officer usually only hears the story of the driver of the vehicle, who shapes his description to favor his own situation. As a result, it is important for the pedestrian victim of an automobile or truck accident to seek legal aid from a pedestrian accident lawyer early on so as to allow for a complete investigation.


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