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Fires and Explosions Accidents

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The injury legal team you trust after a fire or explosion caused by negligence

Any form of occupational disaster can result in catastrophic or major injury, but fires and explosions are particularly dangerous. An explosion or fire can have existence financial, psychological, and physical impacts for victims. While these types of workplace accidents are less common than other types of workplace accidents, they are among the most dangerous, with the potential to kill or badly harm a large number of personnel.


We at Roxell Richards Law firm are well aware of the devastation that injuries experienced in an explosion or fire can cause. When you have medical bills and living expenses to pay right now while you are unable to work, the last thing you should be concerned about is a long battle with an insurance provider. Our workers’ compensation attorneys in Houston are ready to fight for the full reimbursement you deserve.


Negligence That Can Cause Fire and Explosions

·      Poorly maintained electrical work.

·      Improper storage of flammable materials

·      Smoking

·      A lack of smoke detectors

·      Car accidents

·      Gas leaks

·      Combustible dust

·      No batteries or old batteries in smoke detectors

·      Improperly installed gas or electrical lines

·      Defective products or equipment

·      Negligence construction

·      Lack of training/negligence

·      Unlicensed electrical work

Fire and Explosion Case Investigations

Cases involving fires and explosions are not the same as regular accident investigations. Expert forensic fire investigators will often be needed on the scene to help determine exactly what happened. These cases and investigations can be particularly time sensitive depending on the circumstances of your fire or explosion disaster.


 If the fire or explosion happened outside, it needs to be investigated by an expert as soon as possible, before the weather ruins any potential evidence. Your personal injury lawyer can keep you up to date on any fire investigation data and keep you informed throughout the procedure.


When it comes to fires and explosions, there is a risk of serious and terrible burn injuries. Burns are commonly known as one of the most painful injuries that may occur in fire and explosions accidents.


However, people are less aware of the physical consequences of burns or smoke inhalation, which can be fatal and appear suddenly. PTSD, or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, is one of the most commonly ignored injuries. People who suffer an unexpectedly significant injury are likely to suffer from the shock’s aftereffects, but explosions and flames are more prone to do so.


Depending on the severity of your injuries, you could remain in the hospital for weeks, months, or even longer. It’s possible that you’ll require several surgical procedures, as well as life-saving treatments. Even minor burn injuries can result in painful and unsightly scars.

Types of burn injuries

Burn injuries are classified into three general categories:

First-degree burns which damage the outer layer of skin

Second-degree burns damage the top layer of skin and the layer beneath it

Third-degree burns damage or destroy all the layers of skin and the tissues underneath it.

Burns can cause a range of injuries from a painful red patch of skin to blisters, swelling, and scarring.  A severe burn can cause shock and death. Having a severe burn that covers a large area of skin can increase the chance of infection. As burns heal, they can leave disfiguring scars and limit range of motion.

Other injuries from fires or explosions could also cause:

·      Scarring

·      Permanent damage to lungs and vocal cords from smoke inhalation

·      Limb loss

·      Vision loss

·      Hearing loss

·      Impaired vision

·      Mental health problems

·      Nerve damage

·      Reduced mobility


We take great pride in helping accident victims and beyond navigate the complicated and devastating aftermath of fires and explosions. We truly care about the needs of our clients, and we are committed to making a positive difference in your life.


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