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Frequently at the center of product liability suites are drugs and medications. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to test all drugs and medications with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (USDA). That is a necessary process in order to reduce the chances of harmful products being released to the public. Even if the product goes through FDA testing and passes, it has no effect on the manufacturer liability to the injured party.

Often the responsible party are hard to distinguish, it could be the drugs manufacturers, the doctor who prescribe the drug, the nurse who instructs the patient on how to use the drug or the pharmacist who fill the prescription, An experience product liability attorney can help determine who may be at fault.

Some prescription drugs are unsafe no matter how thoroughly they are tested. Products like these may cause harmful side effects but can be helpful to the user. If these drugs are prepared right with clear warnings of their effects it can be problematic to form a strong product liability suit.

A drug manufacturer is suppose to be an expert on their product. Therefore they are suppose to be knowledgeable on the effects of their drug. Once they are aware, The manufacturer has a duty to warn of possible reaction with that could occur with the consumption of their product.

The reason why many of these claims occur today is due to a lack of clear warnings on products. Which can lead to serious injury or even death.

Current Pharmaceutical Drug Litigation

  • Ablify & Compulsive Gambling
  • Actos Lawsuit
  • Talc Powder
  • Testosterone Therapy

These are only a few of the many ongoing drug litigation. If you have been injured by a prescription drug please contact an experienced attorney

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