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Why you should hire a personal injury Attorney?

With the world wide web being at our fingertips many people choose to pursue their personal injury claims without the help of a lawyer. In fact if you have time you can look up the law and legal process of personal injury claims all while in your home. Yes, it can be time consuming but you save money in legal fees.

However, a seasoned attorney especially one who’s main focus is personal injury accidents can help you fight against insurance companies and their team of lawyers. Your personal injury lawyer is already an expert on the personal injury laws in your state. They can walk your through the legal procedures every step of the way. Your lawyer will be your advocate throughout the entire case process and handle all your legal work.

Insurance companies lawyers will work to reduce compensation or deny the claim altogether. If you have:

  • Severe injuries
  • Are left with expensive medical bills
  • Have lost wages due to injuries


See below Tonya’s testimonial discussing her experience with the Roxell Richards Personal Injury law firm.
Roxell Richards TV Client Testimonial

If you or a loved one suffered serious injury as the result of an accident caused by a defective auto part, consult Roxell Richards and Associates immediately. Call and speak to one of our attorneys now directly at 1-844-7-RIGHTS or contact us via e-mail for a free Case Evaluation. Roxell Richards is a highly successful law firm with a proven track record of successfully taking on insurance companies.