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What to do if you’re in a drunk-driving car accident?

If you’re ever in a car accident involving a drunk driver, it’s important to know what to do. You may be injured or need medical attention. Alcohol-related crashes are daunting and scary. Plus, you’ll need to take steps to protect your rights.

Since 2017, the state of Texas has had 8,058 accidents related to drunk driving. Out of these accidents, there were 5,313 car accident injuries classified as serious and 2,745 that resulted in wrongful deaths. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, there were 10,149 people killed in 2019 due to drunk driving.

This driving statistic has struck the hearts of every parent, spouse, and child. Police reports of driving under the influence (DUI) cases increase and do not seem to stop from day to day.

Read on to know what to do when you’re in a drunk-driving car crash.

If you’re in a drunk-driving car accident, stay calm and assess the situation

First, you should never drink and drive. If you have been drinking, it’s better to take a cab or call an Uber or Lyft.

Alcohol-impaired driving causes challenges with hand-eye coordination and a slow reaction of reflexes. It also causes a person to have blurry vision. These effects are the reasons why a person should never operate heavy machinery when they’ve had a drink.

If you’re on the road and you’ve been involved in a car crash, you need to stay calm.

  • Check yourself and your passengers. Is anybody harmed? Do you need any medical assistance?
  • Call emergency hotlines to get the medical help that you need.
  • Once you are able to, call for assistance from law enforcement.

Police officers and medical professionals can check for all drivers’ blood alcohol concentrations. If you are able to, try to gather evidence by taking some photos, asking for witnesses’ numbers, and getting a police report.

Seek legal assistance from a drunk driving accident attorney

Most drunk driving accident victims end up having serious injuries. Some of which have lifetime consequences. Insurance companies tend to offer a very low amount of settlement to lessen any expenses for them. Hiring a car accident lawyer can help you deal with this challenge.

A car accident or drunk driving accident lawyer is also considered a personal injury lawyer. Beyond helping with your insurance claim, they also give legal advice, help negotiate, and represent you in court.

If you’re ever in a car accident involving a drunk driver, it’s important to know what to do. You may be injured and need to take steps to protect your rights.

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