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Sign a Document after an Accident?


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Should I sign a document after an accident?

You may be approached by the insurance company after being injured in a Texas vehicle accident and requested to sign several forms. While it may appear harmless, you should be aware of what you are signing and whether or not you should sign a document whatever the insurance company presents to you.

If they were at fault, an insurance company may approach you and say, “Oh, I just want to take care of your medical bills, let me give you some money for your medical bills, and you can go see the doctor and get checked out. I’m going to give you some money (usually a small amount), and a document to sign, and you sign it, and I give you the check.”

Falling into their Trap

You assume everything is fine at this point, but you’re later injured more severely than you expected, and you’d like to file a claim against the other person.  A lot of times clients come to me and they want to retain me to go after the other party and they show me that they signed a document to get some money for their medical bills.  Unfortunately, that document is a release, and signing a release means you are giving any rights to seek extra damages from the at-fault party.

The insurance companies will not tell you this because they want you to sign the release, so you won’t be able to sue them or their client for more money. So they get you to sign this paper, which they then use to defend themselves against any further claims. So, following an accident, don’t sign anything unless you fully understand what you’re signing or have an attorney examine it before. Also, don’t sign anything unless you read it first and thoroughly comprehend what you’re signing.

Call an Accident Attorney Today

You should not sign a document unless a competent accident lawyer has evaluated them. You may be giving up essential legal rights without even recognizing it.

You should gently refuse to sign the report if the owner other party insists on it.  Fill out the accident report without signing it and request a copy so you can check it with a lawyer before signing it. Retain an attorney as soon as possible for guidance on your future steps and to help you negotiate a settlement with an insurance company.

Insurance adjusters are taught to deal with car accident victims in order to avoid costly large payments. They will seek to convince you to sign consent documents and make a recorded statement at the beginning of an accident injury claim.

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