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Swimming Pool Accident

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Swimming Pool Accident

With summer just around the corner people will be enjoying the warm weather by the pool. Because of this diving and swimming pool accident will be at an all time high. The U.S, has one of the highest swimming, diving and drowning accidents percentage. Sadly a large number of those accidents involve children. If you are a pool owner whether that be a private or public pool. It is important to know what you can and cannot be held liable for when dealing with guest at your pool.

For example a public pool owner must be in compliance with federal and state regulations. They also have to have the proper signage and safety equipment around and in working order. If you are a private pool owner is is important to know your state’s premises liability laws.

Every summer someone is hurt or even killed because of: 

  1. A lack of life preserver equipment
  2. Improperly labeled slip, trip or fall hazards
  3. No life guard on duty
  4. Broken or damaged pool pieces that caused injury or death
  5. Low water levels causing jury

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