Uninsured Employer Accident

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Uninsured Employer Accident

Texas is the only state in the country that does not mandate employer insurance coverage. This has led to many instances where individuals injured in a work related accident do not receive fair compensation for the pain and suffering that follows. State employers without workers compensation insurance are called “non-subscribers” and can be sued directly, by employees who have been injured at work. In many “non-subscriber” injury cases, the victim can claim award amounts that would exceed an insured employer’s workers compensation benefits package. Due to the unique approach that Texas takes on this matter, an employee must be vigilant and understand what to do if ever presented with a difficult and stressful situation of a workplace injury. Having a trusted and experienced personal injury attorney at your side to fight for your right to just compensation is especially important when it comes to an uninsured employer accident in the state of Texas.

Houston Uninsured Employer Accident Lawyer

Roxell Richards & Associates is a local Houston law firm that focuses on providing quality legal counsel to workers injured because of employer negligence. With years of experience representing employees in complex situations, our legal team can be counted on to give you the best opportunity to receive the damages that you deserve.

 Contact Roxell Richards today to discuss your case with our experienced Texas injury attorneys. We have an established history of working hard for favorable results. Call (713) 974-0388 or 1-844 7-RIGHTS.

Texas Uninsured Employer Accident Law Information Center

Just because your employer is uninsured does not mean that you cannot get workers’ compensation if you are injured at work. Texas workers’ compensation laws can be very murky, but an experienced personal injury lawyer can easily navigate through them. Do not settle for no or little compensation if you have been injured or harmed at work. If you have been denied any or adequate compensation after a workplace injury, call a workplace accident lawyer and come in for a free consultation.



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