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In ask a lawyer podcast, episode 19, I  discussed the legal terms used to describe the types of damages you can request for your car accident. In Texas, we categorize damages as either general or non-economic damages or economic damage special damages. Non-economic damages mean that these are damages that you really can’t put a number on specifically, this is usually left to the discretion of the fact finder and in most cases, this is the jury. This is where we can ask for money for your pain and suffering because of your injuries sustained. However, a good lawyer will give the jury a basis or measure to use to reach this decision. On the other hand, special or economic damages are damages which must be pleaded and proved or as I like to say you can put a number on it. This is where lost wages would come into play or the legal term we like to use, “earning capacity.”

In this episode, you will learn about the types of damages you can receive for your car accident. You will also learn about when you can ask for money and how you may qualify to receive compensation for your injuries. Take a listen to it above or you can download the transcript below.

download the complete transcript here

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