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Episode 5: Day Care Injury

Audio Transcript

You are listening to ask a lawyer, Powered by Roxell Richards law firm Episode 5 daycare injuries. 

So we’re sitting here with personal injury. 

Lawyer Roxell Richards  and we’re going. 

To learn a little bit about daycare injuries because we care about children. 

You know babies and you know people that can’t defend themselves that we put in the care of other. 

People so everybody knows like the worst nightmare. 

If you leave your child you trust them with her, leaving them with your biggest nightmare will be coming back. 

Something being wrong with your child, you not picking them up the way. 

That you left. 

What are some things that you might you know think that not might not be that big might be serious? 

How do you? 

How do we do say that we might? 

You know, go about like let’s say if my baby has a scratch on her cheek. 

Not that big of a deal, you know, but in the long run should. 

It be something I’ll look out for it. 

OK, it’s important for families and caregivers to remember that even minor lapses and care can be fatal. 

For example, headlines are made last year when a 3 year old died. 

After swallowing a pushpin at a preschool. 

Push pins have long been known opposed serious dangers. 

Two young children and toddlers, the boy swallowed the sharp, pointed object in choke. 

Paramedics were unable to revive him. 

The facility was eventually cited for failing to properly monitor the young child and for creating an environment where the Pushpin was accessible to the child. 

Yet even with these serious violations, and state was only able to find the facility $150. However, civil law provides surviving family members in avenue to provide real accountability. 

For the loss of their son, sadly, however, my this case is not unique. 

In fact, in the very same month, a second child died from choking on a push pin in a different state. 

So you know even small errors can be very, very, very serious my so we have to take each incident. 

Uhm, seriously. 

OK, well, I mean I I actually heard about that one. 

There’s there was also a recent one where a little girl fail and got bruises all over her face. 

And then you know of course the the parents thought would be fine. 

As the days were on the bruises got worse and worse, and it seemed that the child was actually hurt a lot worse than they thought, and they kind of tried to put it on the parents, saying it happened at home because they had let time lapse. 

So what’s something that we can do to help protect our children, protect our children from being vulnerable? 

Because we you know, especially babies, they’re not unable to tell us what’s happening there. 

But some steps we can take to protect our children. 

That’s a very very great question. 

My no one is more vulnerable than our children. 

It’s imperative that daycare providers at carefully at all times to keep our children safe and secure. 

Lack of supervision. 

Unfortunately, it’s the single greatest cause of daycare injuries. 

Often the supervision itself is caused by inadequate staffing. 

If there are not enough adults, watching a group of children, then there is far more likely a chance that a child may get into trouble and unintentionally injured them. 

So there are some signs of negligence. 

Did you want to maybe? 

Talk about talk. 

About that matter? 

Could I know? 

But before something big happens, what are some things I can look forward to? 

Let me know that you know my child might not be being looked after. 

OK, so many times daycare negligence it goes unnoticed until it’s too late. 

My state and federal laws. 

Exist which prescribes standards that must be followed by all facilities and institutions. 

This includes removing known dangers, providing proper oversight, maintaining appropriate caregiver items in case of emergency failures, abide by any of these standards, can result in some legal liability in the event of an accident. 

So, for example, when choosing a daycare. 

For for your child there are some some you know some standards, or I think you should. 

You should kind of use as a checklist. 

You want to make sure that the facility. 

Uhm, has proper a proper caregiver to child ratio. 

For example, if they have 10 children and they have two givers to every ten children, that would be that would be great. 

If they had 40 children in only one caregiver, that might not be so great. 

Easy access to first aid tools. 

Does it also be a criteria? 

Uhm, proper safety standards. 

You should look at that. 

Look at their safety standards and look at what they have in place. 

Adequate proportioning of food. 

Uhm, adequate access to water, proper bathroom facilities, a policy that forbids all forms of physical, mental, emotional, emotional and sexual abuse. 

Proper safety measures that prevent wandering where the child departs in the daycare center without authorization. 

Those some things that you should look at and see if the daycare. 

Facility has some things in place that touch on all of the following criteria that I just described. 

OK, so let’s say I find a place, but I really like it. 

I think is a you know, a great spot to leave my child and trust them, but unfortunately something does happen. 

How can I go about buying? 

You know, a negligence lawsuit, or if I want to, you know, sue them or find out what I can do. 

What are some things I can do? 

Great question my well, if you or a loved one have been hurt at at a daycare facility. 

It is crucial to get in touch with a personal injury attorney to learn how the law applies. 

In your case, both the victims of this negligence and their families can’t may be entitled to monetary compensation for damages suffered because of a daycare negligence. 

Please get in contact with an experienced daycare negligence attorney here at the Roxell Richard Law firm, which would be myself you can reach me. 

All of our initial consults are free of charge. 

We run a very efficient operation. 

We will pretty much you know, have every. 

Case down to a science in terms of whether or not if you call it, you know based upon your facts, they meet our case criteria. 

So give us a call. 

Let us evaluate. 

Let us assess your case to see if it meets a case that definitely meets our case criteria, which is the based upon the law. 

Mind everything we do, we supported by law, which, as any experienced attorney should do. 

We work on a contingency fee basis, which means that you don’t come out of pocket one. 

Dime you don’t get paid unless we get paid. 

So if we come you know don’t get paid. 

Then you don’t have to worry about having to come out of money anyway out of pocket. 

Some lawsuits need to be filed before an impending expiration date, which is commonly referred to in the legal community as a statute of limitations. 

So please give us a call right away. 

It’s very imperative that if you’re involved in the daycare. 

A daycare accident or a loved one that you know has been involved in a daycare accident. 

They need to give us a call right away ’cause. 

We need to explore those facts quickly. 

Efficiently and start building the case from the beginning most favorable to you. So call us today at 7139740388 or email us at intake@roxellrichards.com. 

Awesome work that has been episode 5 daycare entries on ask lawyer part. 

You’d better absolutely are powered by Roxell Richard law firm. 

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