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Accidents happen from time to time. In some instances, you walk away safe and sound. But when there are times that you have minor to serious injuries, you need money to pay for extra expenses.


Injury Expenses

What kind of expenses will you have? Definitely, there are medical bills that you have to pay. Especially when you incurred injuries from your accidents.

If there were minor injuries, then you may only have to pay for current medical bills. However, in some cases, when you had serious injuries, you may need ongoing medical treatments.

Thus, you need enough money to sustain them and to pay off future medical procedures.


Property Damages

Aside from medical bills, you will definitely need money to repair any property damages from the accident. You may also need reimbursement for any properties that cannot be repaired.

All of these are easier said than done. In reality, before you get any compensation for your accident, you have to go through many hurdles. Insurance companies would do their best not to give you what you are due.

This is when a Houston personal injury attorney can step in and help. A Houston personal injury law firm with professional experience can give you the necessary advice.

And also provide you the guidance to get the right compensation for your troubles.

Legal Services Offered By Our Firm in Houston

Roxell Richards Injury Law Firm has extensive knowledge in a wide variety of personal injury practice areas.

And this is thanks to their more than 17 years of professional service to our clients. In fact, including our pursuit of justice for those who have been wronged.

Our skillful attorneys can assist you in constructing a claim for financial compensation if you have injuries due to the negligence or wrongdoing of others.

On this page, you’ll find a high-level summary of the most typical inquiries we get. The items in this list are not all there are.

Do I Have a Personal Injury Case?

Personal injuries are not limited to just physical injuries or any type of harm done on the body. Personal injuries also include emotional distress as well as damage done to one’s reputation.

If you have personal injuries (such as physical injury, emotional distress, or damage to your reputation) from any of the three previously mentioned causes, then you could have a personal injury case.

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Personal Injury Common Practice Areas

You may be wondering what type of injuries you should consider talking to your personal injury defense attorney about.

Of course, not all injuries needs intervention of a personal injury lawyer. Read on to learn more on the common practice areas that personal injury lawyers work on:

Pedestrian Accidents

Road accidents are not only motor vehicle accidents. In reality, the most vulnerable on the road are pedestrians. Without any external protection, pedestrians in a road accident would definitely have serious injuries.

If you were ever in a road accident, you would need all the help that you can get to make sure that the other party would not only be liable.

Pushing a personal injury case against them would also make them accountable for their actions. If they are a danger on the road, it may result in the suspension of their license.

Motorcycle Accidents

The most common practice for personal injury law firms is motor vehicle accidents. In the state of Texas, especially in Houston, there are multiple motor vehicle accidents daily. These accidents are not exclusive to car accidents only, either.

Motorcycle accidents could happen at any time, leaving victims with serious injuries. Motorcycles often run at high speeds, resulting in more physical injuries.

That means costly hospital bills, recurring treatments and doctor visits, medication, and lost days at work.

Wrongful Death

Do you know someone who got into an accident with physical injuries that were so severe, the person unfortunately died? It could be an example of wrongful death.

Wrongful death occurs when somebody causes the death of an individual due to negligence.

This could mean that wrongful death could be from a wide array of accidents: car accidents, motorcycle accidents, 18-wheeler accidents, medical malpractice, and even workplace accidents.

Relatives of a victim of wrongful death can file for a wrongful death claim. Someone you love passing is very tragic, and it is important that justice is sought for the victims.

A brilliant personal injury attorney will help family members of victims of wrongful death. And they will attain justice and get the compensation that they deserve.

Car Accidents

Road accidents happen a lot, and they occur in several ways.

Motor vehicle accident cases involve any of the following: car accidents, boating accidents, tractor accidents, off-road vehicle accidents, truck accidents, bicycle accidents, and motorcycle accidents.

However, the most common among these accidents is car crashes. In a 2021 report, it is said that car accidents occur in Texas approximately every 57 seconds. And that is a lot of tragedy and victims of personal injury in one day.

Our Houston personal injury law firm provides a lot of help to victims of car accidents to ensure that they get justice as well as the rightful compensation for their physical injuries.

18-Wheeler Truck Accident

18-wheeler accidents could be very tragic, given the involvement of the size and scale of the vehicles. Imagine an 18-wheeler truck hurtling down the highway at full speed.

And so, imagine the people sustaining those injuries.

That is why it is only fair that victims of truck accidents get all the compensation they deserve.


The Road Accident Complications

There could be complications in road accidents. With these types of accidents, you would especially need the help of a knowledgeable personal injury attorney so you don’t get fooled.

Most insurance companies would use tactics to ensure that you will only get pennies to the dollar of your rightful compensation.

In Houston, TX the at-fault party needs to know who will be liable for the damages incurred in the accident.

If you are not at fault, you need to take advantage of getting all the help you need. And this is to ensure that the tables are not turning on you.

Having the full force of a reputable personal injury law firm would help you get positive results.

Causes of Houston Personal Injuries

Personal injuries have three groups: physical injury to one’s body, emotional distress, or damage to one’s reputation. By far, physical injuries are the most common.

Personal injuries could occur to anyone at any given time.

Physical injuries you get from road accidents such as car crashes, motorcycle accidents, 18-wheeler accidents, driving under influence, and rideshare accidents.

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Bus Accident
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Drunk Driving
  • Vehicle Rollover
  • Bicycle Accident
  • Rideshare Accidentsa

Ways a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

An Accident Attorney Can Identify All the Liable Parties

Having an accident attorney by your side would be very beneficial for ensuring that you have a solid claim.

A personal injury lawyer has the expertise to identify all parties at fault. And sometimes, the liable party may just not only be the person who was directly the reason for the accident.

Imagine this situation. You were driving on the road at night when another car slams into yours out of nowhere. And you sustain serious physical injuries from the accident, hurting your neck as a result.

Therefore, you need to receive immediate medical attention, in addition to regular recurring treatments so you could get back to your normal life.

The Aftermath

While in the hospital, they were informing you that the person who was the reason for the accident was horrendously drunk.

There are witness reports stating that the person who drove the car actually was causing a scene at the local bar. It turns out that he was already very drunk and open coming to the establishment.

But unfortunately, he was still receiving liquor despite being obviously under the influence of alcohol.

In this example, not only the drunk driver but also the establishment that did not stop serving him alcohol could both be held liable for your physical injuries.

With the help of your personal injury lawyer, you can file your case against all the parties at fault.

In fact, they can help you get the compensation that you deserve.

A Lawyer Can Assemble the Evidence Necessary to Support and Strengthen Your Claim

A brilliant personal injury lawyer will give you expert advice as you go through every step of your personal injury claim.

Your lawyer will tell you what kind of evidence would you need to present in order to make a compelling case.

And this includes helping you gather specific documents that will be very helpful as evidence. For example, police reports or medical records.

At the same time, your personal injury attorney will also brief you about the entire process that you will have to go through as a plaintiff in a civil case.

That means you will be kept up to date as to where you are in your lawsuit and what to expect in the coming stages.

Having a timeline will not only help you keep updated, but it is also very helpful for planning your schedule efficiently.

As you would need to dedicate hours and even days to building your case, a compassionate personal injury attorney will not keep you in the dark but instead will guide you every step of the way.

An Attorney Can Represent You in All Dealings with Insurance Companies

Dealing with insurance companies could be hard when you have to deal with them on your own.

While it is every victim’s right to claim compensation for physical injuries sustained after an accident, insurance companies usually give them a hard time about it.

A good personal injury attorney will help you keep those insurance companies in check. That means no lowballing, no running around in circles, and definitely no unnecessary stress.

Your personal injury lawyer will guide you in filing only the necessary and correct paperwork needed for your case.

Your lawyer will also be present in every discussion with the insurance company, to ensure that they will indeed give you the proper compensation that you are due.

Victims of accidents have already too much on their plate. They need someone who will make their burdens lighter and make sure that they get the justice that they deserve.

That is the mission of a personal injury lawyer.

Personal Injury Lawsuit Process in Texas

Lawsuit Deadline

Personal injury victims usually only have up to a maximum of two years from the date of the injury to file a personal injury lawsuit.

As it is a civil case, filing of the personal injury lawsuit has to be done in the state trial court of Texas.

The judge will then decide if the plaintiff or the injured party has a legitimate personal injury claim.

There are very rare instances where the case is taken to the federal court if it was determined that federal laws have been broken.

In fact, your Houston personal injury attorney will help you gather evidence to build your case.

For establishing proof of physical injuries sustained from an accident, documents such as hospital bills and other medical records would be very helpful.

Police records regarding incidents such as car crashes, motorcycle accidents, and 18-wheeler accidents would also be helpful in establishing that the accident indeed took place.

And that it was promptly reported to the authorities.

The Demand Letter

Because victims of personal injuries or plaintiffs also need to submit a demand letter.

The demand letter is very important as it details the personal injuries sustained by the victim as a result of the incident (like a workplace accident, for example) and should be compensated for the financial loss because of the incident.

Also, the defendant or the person who was the reason for the incident is usually given 21 days to respond to the demand letter.

If the defendant opts to give a settlement the lawyers of both the plaintiff and the defendant will arrange a meeting.

Settlements involve agreement to the compensation demanded by the plaintiff.


The Settlement

Upon reaching a settlement, the case will no longer go to court for trial. As such, agreeing to a settlement means both parties are willing to end and resolve the case right away.

But given the provision that both the plaintiff and the defendant are satisfied with the conditions of the settlement.

However, if no resolution has been met during the settlement, the case will go to court. That means both the plaintiff and the defendant have to prepare for trial.

This involves sharing information between the two parties during the period of discovery prior to the trial.

Once the judge appoints the trial date, the selection of the jury commences.

Jury selection involves the participation of the judge who is presiding over the case, as well as the plaintiff and the defendant.

The Trial

During the trial, the lawyers for both parties will present their arguments as well as evidence.

Once the jury has its verdict, it will announce its decision. The verdict could either be in favor of the plaintiff or the defendant.

And if the jury decides that the defendant is indeed liable for the personal injury sustained by the plaintiff, the judge will award the damages.

Damages refer to the monetary compensation that the defendant must pay the plaintiff.

Thousands Helped

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Houston Personal Injury Lawyer


Beyond the paperwork and representation, the best advantage of hiring a personal injury lawyer is the message that you send to the insurance companies and the at-fault parties.

The message is simply this: You cannot bully or fool me into signing or agreeing with a settlement offer that is not commensurate with what I deserve.

Insurance companies and other parties would think twice about using tricks on their sleeves. And using every tactic to cheat you out of your settlement.

But knowing that someone with experience and knowledge is helping and guiding you will stop them.

The Good and Compassionate

Because a good and compassionate personal injury attorney in Houston works. And even takes on the daunting task to seek justice alongside you.

Also, you won’t be alone in your legal battles. Because you will have someone who would lead and guide you to get the best results.

Not all personal injury law firms are equally created. There are some law firms that only care about their business. What you should be looking for is a Houston personal injury law firm operating with compassion.

To win your case, you’ll need a Houston personal injury law firm. You need a reliable, knowledgeable personal injury lawyer with professional experience. A good lawyer aims to win your case with you.

Yes, you read that right–WITH YOU.



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