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Roxell Richard’s Law Firm has litigated  and settled thousands of  personal injury-related cases.

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Sylvia L.

“Great attorneys they really dealt with my case as if it was their own. Very happy with the representation i had. I will most definitely come back if I need them again!”

Valerie Dunn

“Roxell Richards Law Firm  helped after an auto accident. They were amazing and very professional and the process was seamless. I reccommend them to anyone who needs help after an accident.”

Britanny Freeman

“I contacted Roxell in regards to a employment wage theft case. Attorney Richard’s and her staff exceeded my expectations. They were very professional and kept me updated throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of an attorney!”

Tonya W.

“Roxell came in with sleeves pulled back; ready to work and she did just that. She listened to our concerns, addressed unfairness, and made sure we were represented well.”

Raven Kiana

“This was my first accident and I was very unaware of the steps I needed to take. Roxell Richards and her law firm were very professional and walked me through each process while thorough explaining each action. So grateful that my first and hopefully last experience was with them!”

Angela Boswell

“Roxell Richards is the best if you ever need any help her law firm is who you want to fight for you. She’s the best and will fight your case to the end.”

Gabriel R.

“They made a great effort in making sure we had everything we needed to make sure they could get me as much as possible for my accident.”

Alexis Terrell

“After an accident and going back and forth with the other parties’ insurance company I was referred to Attorney Richards of Roxell Richards’s Injury Law Firm. She has been a true gem from our first conversation and even after my case has ended. Her and her team provided excellent customer service and the was no question left unanswered. Attorney Richards is an all-around phenomenal powerhouse! She not only cares about you as a client, but it your total well-being she looks after. I had the privilege to take a few of her mentorship classes and she is filled with knowledge in all areas of business. “

Damian P.

“I would recommend Attorney Richards to anyone in the state of Texas that requires legal assistance.”

Tiffany Mack

“One of the great things about having her as my attorney was the fact that i was able to reach Attorney Richards whenever i had a question! She was very helpful! I earned the max settlement for my case and it was because of her!!!!!!!”

Adrianna Kincy

“Roxell was able to answer questions about a case I was perusing and answered in a professional and immediate manner. She knows her stuff and is a very knowledgeable professional attorney. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for the best service possible.”

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