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If you have injuries from an industrial accident in Houston, Texas, you need an attorney with professional experience. An attorney who can help you navigate the complex legal system and get the compensation you deserve. That’s where Atty. Roxell Richards comes in. 

With years of experience representing clients in a variety of industrial accident cases, Atty. Richards has the expertise you need to get the results you deserve. Whether you have injuries from an oil and gas extraction accident, a manufacturing accident, or any other type of industrial accident, Atty. Richards and her team can help. 



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Atty. Roxell Richards, personal injury attorney from Houston, TX

Certainly, going through the experience of an industrial accident is indeed a traumatic event. Also, aside from dealing with the trauma, you need to face realities such as physically recovering from any injuries or afflictions from the accident. And then, you also have to deal with real-world problems such as paying for the bills stacking up–whether it’s for your medical treatments or repairs.


But in reality, not everyone has enough money to be able to deal with the effects of an industrial accident. And this is without processing their claims with their insurance company. Also, another sad fact of the reality is that dealing with insurance companies can be a burden, as well. In fact, the process of reimbursing victims for their losses with your insurance can be tedious with complications.


Also, a great help with all these complications is hiring a good industrial accident attorney with professional experience. And you may think you don’t need one because you don’t expect to go to court. But representing you in court is not the only thing a construction accident attorney can do for you.

Furthermore, one of the major actions your industrial accident attorney can do is negotiate with the insurance company. And whether it’s having discussions with your or the other’s insurance company, having someone knowledgeable about industrial accident law can help you get the right compensation for you. Also, having someone you can rely on to discuss legal matters lessens the additional pressure. Therefore, it also lessens the anxiety of having to deal with matters you are not familiar with.


Nonetheless, as an attorney, he or she can represent you in court, should your industrial accident case escalate to that. But, before that even happens, it’s better that you already hire a personal injury lawyer. Because your lawyer will help you with paperwork, negotiations, and court appearances.

What is an industrial injury?


An industrial injury is any injury that happens while on the job. And this can include accidents in the oil and gas industry. Also, it includes accidents in the manufacturing industry and accidents in the textile industry.


And to put it simply, if you get hurt while you’re working, that is an industrial injury. It doesn’t matter if you work in an oil field, factory, or making clothes, any job can have accidents.


But sometimes these accidents are really serious. And sadly, some workers even lose their lives. However, when someone dies in an industrial accident, it can be especially tough for their family and friends.


Finally, if you or someone you know has been hurt or killed in an industrial accident in Houston, it’s important to get help from a lawyer who knows about these kinds of cases. In fact, Houston industrial accident attorneys are experts who can help you understand your rights. But most importantly, they will get the compensation you deserve.

What is considered an industrial accident?


An industrial accident is when someone gets hurt while they’re working. But it can happen in all kinds of jobs. And this can be from making things in a factory to working on an oil rig. But sometimes these accidents can be really serious. And sadly, some workers even lose their lives.


In fact, if someone dies in an industrial accident, it’s called a “worker killed in an industrial accident.” But often, this is a result of a catastrophic injury. And this can be really hard for their family and friends to deal with. However, it’s important to get help from experts who know how to handle these kinds of situations.


Indeed, Houston industrial accident attorneys are lawyers who can help you. And this is if you’ve been hurt or if someone you love has died in an industrial accident in Houston. Because they know a lot about these cases and can help you understand your rights. But more importantly, they will get the compensation you deserve.


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What does OSHA consider an accident?

OSHA considers an accident to be any event that results in injury or illness to an employee while on the job.

What is the difference between accident and incident OSHA?

An accident is an event that results in injury or illness to an employee while on the job. An incident is an event that has the potential to cause injury or illness but did not actually result in injury or illness.

What is not covered by OSHA?

OSHA does not cover self-employed individuals or employees of state and local governments.

What qualifies as an injury on duty?

An injury on duty is any injury that happens while an employee is working.

Which types of accidents should be reported to an employer?

All accidents that result in personal injury or illness should be reported to an employer.

What 4 types of issues are not covered by workers compensation?

Workers compensation does not cover injuries that are self-inflicted, injuries that happen while the employee is committing a crime, injuries that happen while the employee is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or injuries that happen while the employee is not on the job.

Are employers responsible for accidents in the workplace?

Employers are responsible for providing a safe working environment for their employees, but they may not be responsible for every accident that happens in the workplace.

Which one of the following conditions the employer is not liable to pay compensation?

If an employee is injured while violating a safety rule or engaging in horseplay, the employer may not be liable to pay compensation.

What are accidents in a factory?

The factory could be a dangerous place for workers if the administration is not practicing safety standards. Factory workers often work alongside heavy equipment. If there is no regular check-up for these machines, they could malfunction in the middle of a shift. As a result, workers could suffer injuries such as fractures or even amputation.

Requiring factory workers to do the heavy lifting, such as transporting loads of products from one place to another. Doing this for long periods could harm the back and could lead to permanent bone and muscle injuries. Workers could also suffer from injuries if they are not given the proper equipment when they lift heavy objects.

Some factories also deal with either the production or handling of dangerous chemicals. Exposure to harmful chemicals could pose serious risks to workers, especially if they are not given personal protective equipment. Inhaling noxious gasses could cause respiratory diseases, which could be lifelong problems.

 If factory workers work under poor conditions, the factory itself could be a place for disaster. Areas that are not properly lit or uneven flooring could cause workers to slip and fall.

Lastly, chronic stress injuries could also occur if not allowing workers to go on breaks and require them to work at incredible speed for long periods. Not only does stress affect the entire body negatively, but it also causes much pain and suffering. This is an unfortunate problem if employers only prioritize productivity and maximizing profits instead of worker health and welfare.

What are the top three causes of accidents in the factory?

Having unsafe work conditions could cause workplace injuries in the factory. For example, if the factory’s design itself is not well, then it could cause accidents. Housing the factory in a dilapidated building that has uneven flooring and poor lighting could lead to employees hurting themselves in slips and falls.

At the same time, making use of second-rate heavy equipment could pose a serious risk to workers. If the maintenance of these machines is not well, operating it might be efficient. Defective machinery could harm workers, causing injuries such as damage to the limbs or even amputation.

At the same time, foregoing proper precautionary measures could lead to accidents. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that a factory is a safe place of work for all workers.

A second cause of factory accidents could be setting unrealistic expectations for workers in terms of output. If there is a constant expectation from workers to meet high quotas on their every shift, working faster pressures them and doing more just to meet certain productivity goals.

Doing this could lead individuals to prioritize work goals over their safety. Asking them to do more or to work faster even if they are experiencing physical pain. Unfortunately, doing so could lead to permanent and untreatable damage to the body later on.

A third cause of accidents would be natural disasters. If an earthquake occurs or if a hurricane sweeps over the area, tragic factory accidents could happen. Fortunately, these happen quite rarely.

What are the effects of accidents in factories?

Factory workers could sustain a wide array of injuries from workplace accidents. Fractured bones, broken backs, and stress-related injuries are some examples. Catastrophic injuries that lead to disability or permanent disease could also occur as a result of factory accidents.

Dealing with medical bills is a negative result of having injuries at work. A trip to the Emergency Room, laboratory tests, hospital confinement, treatments, doctor visits, and regular medication are all very costly.

At the same time, workers with injuries also have to deal with lost wages. Because they have to take time off work while recovering from their injuries.

Victims of workplace accidents have to deal with all of these financial troubles, in addition to the pain and suffering from physical injuries. All of this stress could wreak havoc on one’s mental health. As such, victims also tend to experience emotional distress as a result of their unfortunate situation.

Which is the famous factory accident?

The Triangle shirtwaist factory fire was a sparkling national controversy in America in 1911. The New York factory caught on fire, killing 146 workers.

Workers in the factory were working 12 hours under horrible conditions. The building only had one functioning elevator that could only hold 12 people at a time despite employing 600 workers. What is even more tragic is that the deaths could have been preventable. Trapping people in the factory as the owners locked the doors to prevent stealing.

This tragedy led to a mass protest of 80,000 people condemning unsafe working conditions in factories. Eventually, the government stepped in by passing reforms to avoid similar disasters in the future.

What are the types of workplace accidents?

Workplace injuries occur when the work environment is not properly and regularly checked for possible safety issues. And when there are no regular checks in place, sometimes, people tend to cut corners.

 This means heavy machinery might not be working up to speed. They could be improperly maintained. And these could cause accidents. Some accidents include the machinery malfunctioning, causing harm to workers involved.

There are also instances when proper protocols are not observed, making the place of work hazardous to the employees. For example, slip and fall accidents could occur in the office if there are no proper warning signs after a floor cleanup.

Plant accidents could also occur if safety procedures are not in place.There are many types of industrial accidents. Industrial workers who deal with hazardous chemicals, for example, can be at risk for potential injuries due to the nature of their job. In the same way, elevator technicians or other workers who do repair work on elevators and escalators may have a slightly higher risk of being exposed to elevator accidents.

What is the biggest safety issue in a warehouse?

Many things occur in a warehouse all at once. For example, packing products while pulling other merchandise in carts for storage. At the same time, constantly loading products on trucks for scheduled deliveries while workers prepare orders for shipment.

Due to the fast-paced nature of working in a warehouse, no single safety issue could be highlighted. Any type of task could be a potential hazard if there were no enforcement of cautionary measures on proper work procedures for employee safety.

Let us take a look at one scenario. An assigned warehouse employee to a particular task throughout the shift was given instruction. And that is to load tons of merchandise into a cart and pull the entire load. And then place each product in the cart in its respective storage areas.

This involves much pulling and carrying, and these repetitive motions could injure the bones and muscles. Over time, these tasks could strain the body immensely, causing permanent injury.

Here is another situation. Workers are instructed to meet specific goals during the shift in the hustle and bustle of working at a warehouse. This leaves workers no choice but to work really fast and prioritize speed over safety.

An object falls off one of the carts that nobody notices. Unaware, an employee makes her way to the object while carrying tons of packages. She slips and falls, hurting her back.

Let us take a look at yet another situation. A warehouse worker walks down the hallway when a stack of heavy products falls on him. This incident causes severe back injuries.

All of these three incidents pose safety issues leading to warehouse injuries. The extent of the injuries may vary per incident. A slip-and-fall warehouse accident might not sound serious, but it could deal with catastrophic injuries, given the right conditions.

In the same way, sustaining injuries from repetitive tasks for long periods does not sound life-threatening. However, there are many cases of warehouse workers sustaining irreversible bone damage and lifelong pain.

What are the types of workplace accidents?

Workplace injuries occur when the work environment is not correct, and regularly checking any possible safety issues are present. And when there are no regular checks, people sometimes tend to cut corners.

This means heavy machinery might not work up to speed because of improper maintenance. And these could cause accidents. Some accidents include machinery malfunctioning, causing harm to other workers.

There are also instances of not observing proper protocols, making the place of work hazardous to the employees. For example, slip and fall accidents could occur in the office if there are no proper warning signs after a floor cleanup.

Plant accidents could also occur if safety procedures are not in place. There are many types of industrial accidents. For example, industrial workers who deal with hazardous chemicals can be at risk for potential injuries due to the nature of their job. In the same way, elevator technicians or other workers who do repair work on elevators and escalators may have a slightly higher risk of exposure to elevator accidents.

What causes accidents in warehouses?

Cutting corners by not observing proper safety protocols can cause accidents in warehouses. For example, if managers or safety officers do not conduct regular checks, then they may not be aware that some areas in warehouses could cause quite a lot of harm to employees.

Cracks on the floor or uneven surfaces might cause workers to slip and fall. Inadequate storage areas might cause shelves to tip over under the weight of bulky merchandise, posing harm to employees who might just be passing by.

At the same time, fostering a workplace culture that prioritizes speed and productivity over worker safety could be very harmful. Forcing workers to do more tasks faster than current standards to meet target goals could lead to warehouse accidents.

There have been many reports of warehouse workers sustaining physical injuries and much pain and suffering because of the constant increase in productivity at every shift. That means carrying more heavy loads and working faster than ever before. This causes much strain on the body and oftentimes leads to injury.



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what to do


What was the deadliest factory disaster?

There have been many fatalities in industrial accidents in U.S. history, such as accidents happening in mines or oil rigs. In terms of factory disasters, the Triangle shirtwaist factory fire has the highest death rate at 146.

 The Pemberton Mill disaster in 1860 comes in at a close second, with an estimation of 145 deaths when the building suddenly collapsed. In addition to the fatalities, 166 more workers were injured as a result of the accident.

 What is even more tragic is that these accidents could have been preventable if the employers were following the proper safety procedures. The occurrence of these disasters was because they were not prioritizing the welfare of the factory workers.

What was the biggest industrial disaster in America?

In terms of scale, oil spills are definitely tragic industrial disasters. Not only do these cause fatalities and injuries among workers, but they also pose a serious risk to the environment. This means that we are all affected by these disasters.

PBS ranks the Deepwater Horizon oil well disaster in 2010 as the deadliest industrial accident in U.S. history. The oil rig fire happened in the Gulf of Mexico, killing 11 employees. Referring to it as the deadliest oil spill in America.

 Brittanica goes back further in time, as it cites the Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989 as the worst industrial disaster in America. Spilling 11 million gallons of crude oil over in Alaska, causing large-scale environmental damage.

What were the worst industrial accidents in Texas?

An oil refinery disaster in 2005 was the death of 15 people in Texas. Shocking workers at the gas explosion in the British Petroleum in Texas City.

In addition to the fatalities, injuries from more than 170 individuals as a result of the accident. It was then found out that the refinery did not observe proper safety protocols, which led to the disaster.

Further back in 1989, an explosion at the Philips chemical plant in Pasadena, Texas, was the death of 23 people. Reports of injuries from 314 individuals from the accident.


What are the injuries in a warehouse?

There are many types of injuries that workers could potentially sustain from working at a warehouse.

Bone and muscle injuries, also known as musculoskeletal disorders, could occur quite often in warehouse accidents. These injuries happen as a result of doing repetitive tasks, causing the muscles to be overused as a result. The immense physical strain can lead to permanent damage as well as a lifetime of pain.

Another common injury would be slip and fall accidents. Slip and falls can occur anytime and anywhere, as long as the surface is wet or uneven. Improperly placed floor covers such as rugs and carpets could cause slips and falls, as well as objects that are left on the floor.

What is a common warehouse hazard?

There are many ways that workers could get injured in a warehouse. For example, workers who load merchandise into pallets and transport them from one part of the warehouse to another could sustain injuries from straining their backs. The continuous pulling and carrying could also lead to bone and muscle damage over time as well.

In addition, there are some unfortunate incidents where pallets collapse while workers are going about their tasks. This could lead to serious injuries, especially if the pallet contains heavy load.

Falling objects could also pose a hazard in the workplace. Warehouses store lots of products in varying sizes and weight. Sometimes, these could get haphazardly stored in order to maintain speed and to meet target goals. Workers could sustain a variety of injuries from falling objects. Some may even suffer from head trauma as a result of getting hit by falling objects.

 Forklift accidents could also occur in warehouses. The machinery might malfunction, making it very hard to control. These could crash into storage areas that are filled to the brim with products, causing serious injury to workers who happen to be within the vicinity.

Are warehouse accident victims entitled to workers compensation?

Safety standards are in place to ensure that the work environment is safe for everyone and that the health of the workers will not be compromised. Do you know someone who has sustained physical injuries from a warehouse accident? It is important that you have a warehouse accident attorney by your side to help you with your workers compensation claims.

An experienced industrial accident lawyer will help injured workers get the correct compensation that you are due. However, filing worker compensation benefits on your own could rather be stressful. It would be very much beneficial for you to hire a warehouse accident attorney who is familiar with the ins and outs of the worker compensation system with regard to state laws.

At Roxell Richards Personal Injury Law Firm, we believe that victims do not have to suffer alone. That is why we represent victims with every intention to win the case, so they will receive proper compensation that they are due.

Which one of the following conditions the employer is not liable to pay compensation?

If an employee is injured while violating a safety rule or engaging in horseplay, the employer may not be liable to pay compensation.

Will an employee injured at work automatically receive compensation from their employer?

No, an employee must file a claim for compensation with their employer in order to receive compensation.

Who is responsible for the accident in industrial management?

Sometimes accidents happen in the workplace, and it’s not always clear who is responsible. And in the case of industrial accidents, there are complications like those in the oil and gas extraction industry.

However, it’s important to get help from injury attorneys who know how to handle these kinds of cases. Also, they can help you figure out who might be responsible for the accident and what your legal rights are.

And sometimes the industrial management might be responsible for the accident. But only if they didn’t take the right steps to keep their workers safe. And other times, it might be the fault of a specific worker or a malfunctioning piece of equipment. However, in any case, it’s important to investigate the accident and figure out the exact events that took place.

Nonetheless, if you’ve been hurt in an industrial accident, or if someone you love has been hurt or killed, it’s important to get help from workplace accident injury attorneys. Because they can assist you in understanding your rights and obtaining the compensation you deserve.

What should I do after an industrial accident?

If you’ve been in an industrial accident, the first thing you should do is get medical help right away. Also, even if you believe you are fine, it is critical to see a doctor.

Next, make sure to report the accident to your employer. And they need to know the series of events so they can investigate and take steps to prevent future accidents.

Also, if you’re hurt and can’t work because of the accident, you might be worrying about how you’re going to pay your bills. And then that’s where injury lawyers can help. In fact, they offer free consultations to help you understand your legal rights. And most of all, figure out if you’re eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

And then workers’ compensation benefits can help cover your medical expenses and lost wages while you’re recovering from your workplace injuries. Also, in an accident involving heavy machinery, it’s especially important to talk to an injury lawyer. And coordinating with someone who knows how to handle these kinds of cases.

And remember, after an industrial accident, the most important thing is to take care of yourself and get the help you need. In fact, talk to an injury lawyer as soon as possible. Certainly, this is to make sure you’re getting the compensation you deserve.

How long after an industrial accident can you sue?

The length of time after an industrial accident that you can sue may depend on the specific circumstances of the accident. And this includes the laws in your state.

Is industrial injuries disablement benefit paid for life?

With your involvement in a freak industrial accident or your experience of an industrial accident death, you may be wondering if Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit will provide long-term support. And the answer is that it depends on the degree of your injuries.

But if your injury is severe enough to affect your daily life, you may be eligible to receive the benefit for the rest of your life. However, each case is unique, and it’s important to consult an expert to learn more about your specific situation.

In fact, industrial accidents can have serious consequences. But with the right support and guidance, you can get the help you need to move forward.

How to claim for industrial injury?

You can make a claim for industrial injury if you are a worker with injuries. It is difficult to accomplish it alone. You’ll need the assistance of a professional law firm.

A Houston industrial accident lawyer can help you with the legal process. They are familiar with the legislation of the United States. They can assist you in obtaining the best possible outcome for your case.

Workers with injuries have rights. They can claim for injury or death that took place on the job. The law firm will help you with the paperwork.

They will collaborate with you to get the best possible outcome. They will help you prove that the industrial injury was not your fault.

If you have injuries from work, don’t put them off. Talk to a law firm today. They can help you make a claim for industrial injury. Because in one way or another, you are entitled to financial compensation.

How long is industrial injury benefit paid for?

 The length of time that industrial injury benefit is paid for may depend on the specific circumstances of the injury and the laws in your state.

While industrial accidents can be some of the worst industrial accidents, it’s important to remember that accidents can happen in any industry.

With your involvement in an industrial accident, don’t hesitate to contact a Houston industrial accident lawyer for assistance with your claim.

And remember, pictures of real industrial accidents and industrial accident videos can be graphic and disturbing, so it’s important to approach them with caution.

How can an injury attorney help me?

Victims of factory accidents do not have to be alone. Established and compassionate law firms have injury attorneys who will give victims guidance and support during these tough times.

At Roxell Richards Personal Injury Law Firm, we aim to give factory accident victims a helping hand. We are an established law firm, and we have been fiercely defending clients for more than 17 years. We have handled more than 20,000 personal injury cases, so you know you are in good hands.

Trust us when we say that we will help you win your case and give you the proper compensation that you deserve. Our lawyers are excellent and compassionate, and they will guide you through your compensation claim process.

Get in touch with us now for a free consultation! You may reach us at our local phone number (713) 974-0388 or through our toll-free hotline at 1-855-GOT-INJURED.

Reach out to Atty. Roxell Richards today!


If you’ve been hurt in an industrial accident in Houston, our lawyers are here to help you. Because it’s important to know that you have legal rights and options to mend the injuries you suffer.


And remember, these Injuries include everything from cuts and bruises to more serious injuries. Nonetheless, this can affect your ability to work and provide for your family


And that is why it’s important to reach out to a Houston industrial accident lawyer. Indeed, a lawyer with the likes of Atty. Roxell Richards has 17 years of professional experience.


Because Atty. Richards has the expertise and knowledge to help you navigate the legal process and get the compensation you deserve. And she understands the challenges you may be facing after an industrial accident. Nonetheless, she and her team will work tirelessly to protect your rights and interests.


However, don’t wait to get the help you need after an industrial accident. In fact, contact Atty. Roxell Richards today to schedule a free consultation and discuss your case. 


Certainly, with her by your side, you can focus on your recovery while she handles the legal details.

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Great Lawyer to work with very professional amazing customer service everyone is always helpful. I love the energy of the attorney and the staff is amazing
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