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Episode 23:  Have you handled a similar case as mine?

Hi, welcome to another episode of Ask a Lawyer.My name is attorney Roxell Richards, as youguys know, and I’m your favorite injury attorney,at least I would like to think so.But here is a question that I get coming all thetime, especially when potential leads or even clients continue to fit me to make sure I am the right one for them.And that question is, have I tried any personal injury cases similar to theirs? and the answer is YES.

Now, here’s something that most people out there don’t know.You have some law firms that are what’s called marketing lawfirms,and they are just law firms that, you know,put on all the big marketing dollars, they do all of the commercials and things like that they get in all these cases and then they sometimes refer those out.And then you have other law firms whoare literally a full service law firm, meaning that they handle not only the marketing, butthey also handle the big heavy lifting.And that is actually building the case up fromstart to finish, including trying the case as well.And that’s where I come in.

Although my firm is small, I liketo say that we bring big results.And so the answer to your question is yes.I personally me Attorney Roxell Richards, I do truck cases and I try these injury cases. And I will tell you, although the fault portion of the case may be different. And what I mean by that is, sometimes you can be injured based on a dog bite, sometimes you can be injured as a result of medical negligence, sometimes you can be injured as a result of a defective product, sometimes you can be injured as a result of a car accident. But the basis of it in terms of damages, which is what allows me to seek justice for you, it’s all the same from whatever the type that you’ve gone through, maybe in terms of fault may be different, but I generally asks the same exact questions on that jury charge for your injury.

And the same goes even for wrongful death.I am going to ask the samedamage questions for all of my clients. And I do have experience and I actually just tried a case last month and was able to get an over half a million dollar verdict on what most people think is a small impact soft tissue car accident case. Kudos. But anyways, so if you’ve got any more questions, I want you to go ahead and slide on in my DMs, or just go ahead and comment below .And don’t forget to like comment and share and continue to stay tuned in for more legal tips and answers to your wonderful questions.

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