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Roxell Richard’s Law Firm has litigated  and settled thousands of  personal injury-related cases.

Case Results

Below is just a snippet of some of the case results we have obtained on behalf of our clients. Each case is different and unique, these results do not represent what you may obtain for your case. Neither does it represent that we win each and every case for our clients because we do not. However, we have obtained results in some of the most difficult cases wherein these clients were either previously denied by an insurance carrier, receive a substantial decrease in their offer, the insurance company was difficult with our client or their case was handled by another attorney prior to us being on the case. Please note that your decision on whether to hire us should not be based on the below results.If you are interested in learning more about these cases, or any others we have handled, please let us know when you contact our office for a free consultation.




Our client a 43-year-old male assembly line worker was driving his pickup truck headed to work when he was sideswiped by an 18-wheeler truck. His pickup flipped over & sustained neck & back injuries. We filed suit because the insurance company was not evaluating the full extent of his injuries & weeks prior to trial, we reached a settlement.




Our 31-year old male client was involved in a motorcycle accident which caused him to suffer 2 broken ribs. Our office facilitated his medical treatment, case advances & resolved his property damage. The case was settled w/ no need for a lawsuit.




Our client was involved in a minor car accident. We represented him in a jury trial. This case was long and exhausting for both parties. After almost 5 years, our client finally gets his day in court and all of the hard work has paid off! Our client gets the verdict that he truly deserves.




Our 51-year-old female client was on a job interview when she stepped onto the entryway which had no warning that the stairs were defective causing our client to fracture her ankle in three places. She had to have a surgery. Our firm also facilitated her medical treatment to ensure her injuries were treated & her case was settled prior to the filing of any lawsuit.




Our married 42-year-old client went to the nail salon to get a Brazillian wax. The technician was not licensed, & failed to apply the wax approximately, & failed to adhere to the proper technique when applying the strips. Our client as a result suffered a torn labia causing her pain. We filed suit & got our client a default judgment that was later settled.




Our client, a 24-year-old male, was a passenger in a shared ride when the driver of the car was distracted causing an accident. Our client suffered both neck & back pain & PTSD. Our firm facilitated his medical treatment, as well made sure he received cash advances while he was healing from his injuries. The settlement was reached & no lawsuit was filed.




Our 22-year female client was involved in an accident when she was hit on the right rear side of her vehicle. She had some pain from the accident but did not go immediately following the accident. She contacted our office and we got her medical help & resolved her property damage. Her case was settled within 4 months & no lawsuit was filed.

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