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Episode 20: What questions should I ask to a lawyer I am looking to hire about my car accident?

Audio Transcript

Hey y’all, what is going? 

I am so freaking happy to be back with you guys. 

You just have no clue. 

I’ve got some great. 

Stuff you guys I’m going to be expanding this brand so. 

I can include all of the attorneys as many as I possibly can to come on this show and mind you, we’ve got some great great great attorney. 

You know when I first initially started off this. 

Uhm, at Glory broadcast it was just a way for me to kind of get my my name out there. 

My law firm out there and then I just thought about it. 

I had reached the point where I was just like I want to make this open to everybody because you know each one should teach one and so with that being said, I’m so happy to be back. 

And of course. 

Because I am the firm right now that is. 

You know behind this, of course, today’s episode out Shameless plug on me is. 

Sponsored by Roxell Richard law firm. 

We are a full service injury law firm here to satisfy and cater to your legal needs. 

OK, so enough about that shameless plug and let’s. 

And let’s also remind you all that you have the opportunity. 

To ask me your favorite questions if you go to our website at www.askalawyerpodcast.com, there’s a simple form right there. 

Now that that website is going to change because like I said, I’ve got some new things planned. 

I’m so I can bring in this attorneys from all over the world to be on this show. 

But for right now, go to the website, put in your question and I would love to feature it on here. 

OK, so enough of that we are going to get into today’s question answer. 

That question is what questions should I ask a lawyer about a car accident? 

OK so I’ve got 7 great questions that I think you should ask your lawyer and I’ll also be kind of giving my two cents in on it as well. 

So let’s get right into it. 

The first question that you should ask. 

Your potential lawyer that you are looking maybe to hire for your car accident is what do I do after my car accident? 

That’s fair because you want to know what you should do after your car accident, because for most people this is a first, you know life changing event, very traumatic event and so we just don’t know. 

And so that’s just very important for you to ask your lawyer. 

Because they may tell you some things like go seek medical help, which is very very very important from the very beginning of your car accident, especially if you’re seeing. 

You know, if you. 

I mean if you’re having pain, you need to go and get checked out. 

The second question that you should ask the lawyer that you are potentially may be looking to hire is how will you represent me. 

Now, just because we’re lawyers doesn’t mean we’re musicians. 

OK, so there’s actually a legal process, and you know, we’re seeking justice, but that justice has to follow rules in the way that we seek it. 

So it’s very important for you to understand this process. 

It will also help you know to level the. 

The expectations that you may have and it will also kind of give your lawyer a better understanding of who you are. 

And you know, maybe you guys being able to connect. 

Even further in in in the attorney client relationship. 

So that is very very very very important for you to ask the next question that you should ask is what should I do to protect my case. 

Very important for you to ask. 

I know for me I always I I always tell my clients don’t say anything. 

Don’t post anything about your car accident. 

Don’t share anything on your social media. 

Just simply be quiet. 

If the insurance company contacts you or anybody contacts you related to your car accident, you need to tell them that you’re. 

Represented by an attorney. 

Now you need to know what you should do to protect your case because you’ll have somebody talking on your behalf. 

So if you know you need to make sure that you ask your your potential lawyer this because they’ve got to tell you and help them help you. 

The next question #4 what information do I need to provide my attorney about my accident? 

You need to ask your lawyer that and as I would say to my potential clients. 

Give me, everything will go through. 

It as it relates to your accident and just tell me everything. 

The next question is how long do I have to file my lawsuit now? 

Of course, that could depend from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but here in Texas you’ve got up to two years. 

To file your lawsuit. 

The next question, how long will it take to settle my case? 

Well that just depends. 

I know here at my firm we have a non litigation docket which. 

Things that we try and settle. 

Majority of our cases without going to trial or without filing suit, but in the event that we are unable to do so. 

We’ve got up to two years to file that suit, and in some cases we’ll we’ll kind of wait. 

close to the statue and then file it, and in which case before you get a trial date, it could be minimum. 

A year before you can get a trial date. 

So in your case, could settle in between that time you just, you just never know. 

And then the last question is, what are my potential damage is? 

I know here in Texas we have different damage elements that we can bring or different damage claims that we can bring that are categorized between economic and non economic damages. 

So you need to know how your attorney will look at your car accident claim. 

And then determine what what damage claims. 

To bring for you. 

So that’s very, very important for you to ask your potential lawyer. 

OK, so I hope that I got. I’ve got 7 good questions. You guys 7 is God perfect number so they say so those are the seven questions that I’m putting out there and if you guys of course have any other questions again don’t forget to go to our website at askalawyerpodcast.com and for you lawyers who would like to get featured. 

On the show please call me or I’m sorry not call me, but please email me at roxellrichards.com and we’ll talk because I love, love, love to get you guys out here. 

Uhm, you know on this show? OK so I am going to close that. Is it for today. I am so happy to be back and I’m so excited for the future again my name is Roxell Richards and this is the ask a lawyer podcast. Don’t forget to go to askalawyerpodcast.com. 

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