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Episode 24: How much time will i devote to your case?

Audio Transcript

Hi, my name is attorney Roxell Richards, your favorite injury attorney.And welcome back to another common episode of Ask a Lawyer.And I also get this question,like, commonly, even to current clients.And the question is, How much time will I devote to your case?and the answer is, I look at my cases as not just a simple case, right?I look at my case and I take each caseby case, and I take each case in terms ofreally honing in and empathizing with each person.And so I am going to spend as much time asit takes to be able to get the results needed.Now, my office, I like to say, and even otherlawyers have said it I work like a well oiledmachine, which means that I have a dedicated team.I am not an attorney thattakes the credit for everything.I have a team, literally aprelit department and a litigation department.And everybody works harmoniously, from intake, to medical,to insurance claims, to even prelit preparing thecase for litigation, to lit, to handling the motions, to trying the case.There is a team that I have.So it’s not just me handling your case.It’s myself and my entire team that I oversee.And we dedicate as much time as ittakes to be able to deliver the result.So I have time.We know as a law firm what my case threshold is, themaximum cases I take, because I’m not the kind of lawyer thatI want to be efficient on all of my cases.So I don’t want to take inevery case that walks in the door.But at the same time, I know how muchcase load that my firm can handle and howmany cases each team member can handle.And those are the same types of things thatyou all need to be asking other lawyers, aswell as taking into consideration the information that I’veshared with you all and use that as you’reout here looking for another, looking for maybe anotherattorney or even looking for an attorney.These are some things that youneed to take into consideration.Now, don’t forget to comment like and share this video.And if you’ve got more questions, I need youto go ahead and slide on in my DM.And don’t forget to continue to tune in formore legal tips and advice answers to your questions.

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