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Episode 22: If I lose, what fees do I have to pay?

Hi, my name is Attorney Roxell Richards, andwelcome to another episode of Ask a Lawyer.So, I get this next question commonly allthe time, especially when I’m dealing with anew lead or even a client.And that is, if I lose, will I owethe firm any money or will I have haveto pay back any case related expenses?And the answer is no.Again, you remember that other episodewhere I talked about my fees? Right?Again, we work on what’scalled a contingency fee basis.That means if you don’t win your case and when,could either mean get a recoverable verdict or a settlement.So, literally, you don’t pay anythingunless I win your case.Got any more questions?Go ahead and slide on in my dm.or you can comment below.And don’t forget to share and like this videoand and continue to tune in for more legaltips as well as answers to your favorite questions.

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