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Episode 6: Swimming Pool Accidents

Audio Transcript

You are listening to ask a lawyer, powered by Roxell Richards law firm Episode 6 swimming pool accidents. 

So it’s summertime. 

Everybody likes to go swimming. 

We like to be in the water and how we can have fun. 

But you know our elderly and our children are the ones most vulnerable to accident. 

And I’d like to talk about a few, you know, accidents lookout for how to prevent the actions from happening and in case something happens, what do we do? 

So we’re with Roxell Richards from Roxell Richards law firm. 

Let’s get a jump on that. 

How do how do we kind of prevent swimming pool accidents and things that might happen? 

OK, aside from swimming pool accidents, my uhm 

There are other different types of accidents that involve water, and I should tell you my. 

Most accidents that happen that that that are turned deadly accidents. 

They pretty much involve water accidents. 

Concur can occur in private pools, hotels, motels, parks, water parks and the like. 

For example, let’s talk about diving board injuries. 

Nearly every list of swimming safety tips advises against diving into a swimming pool unless the water is at least six feet deep. 

And there is a sign present stating the activity is permitted, so you need to look at those things and you know that could be a way that you can prevent an injury from happening in the swimming pool, right? 

Just right there those two minor but most most impactful tips. 

Even so, hundreds of swimmers they need to seek medical attention. 

Each year after suffering a dramatic brain or spinal cord injury because the dive is going wrong, so there’s two important tips. 

Right there. 

What about running ’cause we know that all children you know love to run? 

They’re having fun, they think hey, we’re outside we’re having fun but you know that tile can be really slippery. 

What about you know slip and fall injuries aren’t because you’re running or not following the rules? 

How can we prevent? 

That and if you do, you know end. 

Up running and breaking. 

Rule, are they still liable for injury even though? 

You’ve broken a rule. 

Well, my first of all I will say this. 

With all those splish splashing you know with the pools, there’s around a pool or hot tub. 

They probably will get wet and slippery. 

So the best thing to do is just don’t run, don’t jog, don’t run. 

It’s not that serious. 

It’s not that important after all, we’re talking about your life here as far as. 

Liability, well, that’s a that’s a factual investigation. 

We have to look to see some of the things on the part of the swimming pool owner. 

We have to look at what they did or did not do. 

In making sure that they could prevent a reasonable and foreseeable injury that would be related to a slip and fall injury, so that’s something especially where you’ll need to contact a valuable personal injury attorney to look. 

Into for you. 

Now something that used to be really, really big in the 90s. 

That is that a little bit better, but there’s still problem circulation entrapment when the when the drains suck a little bit too hard you get too close to drain and you can’t get up ’cause you’re actually stuck to it, which happens used to happen to children a lot. 

You know in the 90. 

Is it still something that happens now? 

How is that? 

How can we prevent our children from getting sucked into a suction area? 

Or you know, staying away from the flaps that let the water in. 

Things like that what? 

Does things look out for? 

Well, for number one, if you are in a pool, you have your your child. 

The best thing get in. 

The pool with them. 

That’s the most obvious safety tip that I can. 

Advise any parent because you don’t know what their entrapment, the circulation entrapment standards are for whatever pool that you are getting into, so get in the pool with your love with your child. 

And again, this is also something that is very severe. 

It can cause you know disembowelment and even amputation. 

So again, this is something that you would need if this has happened to you or a loved one. 

Give us a call. 

Let us look at it. 

Let us assess this. 

Let us see if this meets our case criteria. 

Now let’s say unfortunately something has happened and we’re looking to find, you know some some legal counsel. 

What are some things that you might think we might need to bring with us? 

Or make sure we take pictures of or keeping you know, keep things up before we get a lawyer. 

As far as like evidence and stuff like that, OK, so definitely if you have pictures. 

If you have the clothing that maybe you were in, save that for us. 

If you can takedown witness names, if you can make sure you filed some sort of incident report on the same day with the local. 

You know manager who may be on staff or an employee on staff. 

Get all the information that you can, because again, when you come to us. 

Our job is we have to build your case most favorable to you. 

We have to start exploring every fact so as much evidence as you can give to us that will help us build for you the better and then give us a call. 

We are available to you 24/7 seven days a week. Again, my name is attorney Roxell Richards. You can call me at 713-9740-388 I take these injuries personal mind, and you know that every case that I am on it’s personal for me. 

I get so intertwined because, you know, that’s just that’s just me number one. So call an attorney who’s going to be just as aggressive and it’s going to take your injury. Personal. Call me today it’s 7139740388. 

Wonderful work that was asked a lawyer. 

Powered by Roxell Richards law firm Episode 6 swimming pool accidents. 

You better ask the lawyer powered by Roxanne Richards law firm. 

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