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Episode 1: What to do if you are faced with an Auto Recall

Audio Transcript


Hey guys, welcome to episode one of Ask a lawyer, Roxell Richard’s law firm where you at the tiny which today we got a few questions on deck.

But the first thing we’re going to go to is auto recall.

Miss Rogers, how?

You doing today, I’m great man.

How are you wonderful?

We got a little bit of information from one of our.

Listeners out there has had a problem with the auto recall.

They had a little accident with a defective airbag and they want to know what steps can they take to maybe get a claim on this auto recall.

Thank you my, I think that’s an excellent question that the listeners have asked us and so here are some helpful tips that I’d like to give our listeners.

If you ever feel that you’re in a situation where you possibly may have a defective issue with your car, here’s some things you want to do.

The first thing is you want to make sure you keep maintenance on your car,

it’s very very very important, because in these types of situations insurance companies and manufacturers going to look for whatever reason they can to say that you contributed toward.

You know the the defect.

The second thing is you want to make sure you keep up to date maintenance logs.

You all you have a journal you you know your phone.

Wherever it is, you take notes.

I need you all to keep accurate records of all your maintenance records.

I’m also I need you all to make sure that you keep.

Up to date on your recalls now, the manufacturers will send out a national recall notice.

Some people I know myself, I’m guilty of it.

I look at a recall notice and just.

Kind of throw it in the back, but it’s never a problem till it’s a.

Problem so keep up to date on your recall.

Now, why do we have time for me to kind of?

Give him a story ’cause I want to go.

Yeah, we always.

Got time for a story, OK?

Sorry time, OK cool.

So now.

This particular issue.

Actually I’ve had first hand experience on it so I I hope that this experience will help you.

The listeners out there.

Should you have an.

Issue with your car that has maybe caused you all to be in an accident or some tragic or unfortunate incident to happen to your car and it’s affected you as well.

One thing that you all may not know is that there is a little black box that in terms of if you’re in an accident, it will record the information and then you need to have either you or your insurance adjuster download that little black box and This is why.

I had a client come into my office.

They felt that there was an issue with the airbag.

Shortly after the accident that came into my office, weeks later, actually months later, and the first thing that we needed to do was make sure that we could provide technical evidence in order to preserve our claim with the manufacturer.

Now the problem is we needed to contact our end expert and the expert needed.

This information

And because we did not have the information from the little Black black box, it made it very difficult for then our expert to produce a report which affected our clients claim.

So to all the listeners out there, make sure if you get into an incident.

Make sure you have your your the mechanic or somebody.

Download that little black box image.

Second thing is if your car is, you know totaled or your car is at a loss.

I need you all to make sure you do not sign any documents.

Giving the insurance company any right to take that car because that is your evidence and we need that because we have to explore it.

Each and every fact to be able to.

Present your case to trial.

Don’t sign off on anything.

We need that because that also has happened with one of my clients where they signed off on information.

There was a defect in the car.

We did not.

We were unable to get that car because that car had been long gone, sold in there.

Action and again effect it affected their case as well, so please keep your evidence.

Please download that little black box, keep up to date on all your recalls, and keep accurate records and make sure you keep your car properly maintained.

Awesome, OK, so let’s say.

Someone actually done that, they’ve.

Gotten their maintenance they had.

Log everything up saying recalls it wasn’t recall, and they’ve had a product defect.

They kept their evidence.

The guy to black the black box.

Where can they reach you for help?

How can they reach you for you to help settle?

Their case what?

Well you can.

Also you can contact us.

On the World Wide Web at www.roxellrichards.com or you can contact us via the phone at 713-974-0388 and what else my? Is there any other way that?

They can contact us email.

I mean email.

Yeah, email our email address is info@roxellrichards.com. Again that’s info@roxellrichards.com

Well, I think this has been a super helpful episode of ask Laurie if you guys have any questions out there you can always email us at askalawyer.com or go to our website and leave a voice message for us to answer on air. Have a.

Great day, thank you so much.

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