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Episode 29: What’s my role in my case?

Audio Transcript


Welcome back, you guys, and my name is attorney Roxell Richards, your favorite injury attorney. And I’ve got a simple question. The question is what’s my role? Where your role is you’re my client. I am a plaintiff law firm, which means that you are the plaintiff in this case, which means that you who have the burden of proof. So your role is to make sure you give me all of the evidence so that I can present your case in the best light and we can get you some money so you can get paid and not play. So I hope that answers your question in terms of your role. Your role your role for me and for the court is to be honest and to tell me every single thing and give me all the evidence I need to back it up and let me, your lawyer, presented. That is what I’m called to do. And if you’ve got more questions, go ahead. I need you to comment below those questions or go ahead and slide on in my DM. Don’t forget to like and share and comment on this video. And if you’ve got more answers or more questions that you need, I am here. Always stay plugged in to ask a lawyer and you can find me @getinjuryhelp.net where I continue to share more legal tips as well.

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