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Episode 26: Will my case go to trial?

Audio Transcript


Hi, you guys
My name is attorney
Roxell Richards
you guys know me as your favorite injury lawyer
And welcome back to another episode of Ask a Lawyer
Now, I get this question again quite commonly,
and that question is, will my case go to trial?
Now, let’s talk about it.
Generally, in the area of personal injuries,
almost more than 90% of most injury cases settle, right?
So that means more than likely your case will likely settle.
But in the few circumstance that it does not
and we have to file a lawsuit,
that’s generally
because maybe we’re too far apart with the insurance company.
Or maybe there’s a dispute on liability.
And you know, the case just warrants being tried before a jury.
And so in that case, your case will have to be tried.
So will your case go to trial?
Generally? Most likely it’ll likely be settled.
But don’t hold me to that because you never know.
Each case is different.
Each circumstance is different,
but more likely it will likely be settled.
But if not, don’t worry. I could try a case too.
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And don’t forget to stay plugged in
and continue to tune in to ask a lawyer
where we answer all of your questions
and we share any legal tips that I may have.
Thank you.

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