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Protecting Your Child’s Rights: Daycare Injury Lawyer

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All throughout America, there are 7.6 million children under the age of 18, or 70% of the population, that live with two parents. Another 22% live with their just their mothers, and 8% live with their fathers or other relatives. Many families throughout Houston, TX, need reliable daycare personnel with enough experience. This is to ensure the safety of their children while they are away on business or vacation.

Daycare Injury Reality

Unfortunately, children sustain injuries at daycare, no matter how responsible the caregiver may be. Daycare accidents happen more often than we would like. These accidents often cause a child’s injury without any direct intention from anyone. It could be that a child was running and had a tumble, or the child was playing enthusiastically, sustaining a wound.


Even worse is when the caregivers responsible were negligent. In a 2016 report, reports from USA Today, there were 24 dead children in childcare centres from abuse and neglect.

Either way, a child that suffers in an accident needs medical treatment. Some of which are serious that need ongoing and special medical attention. All of which would result in pain and suffering and high costs in medical bills.

No parent should have to worry about their child being in a harmful situation while in the care of another. Not only is it heartbreaking to go through but also heavy medical costs can add even more stress to already difficult situations.

If you find yourself needing legal assistance for issues about daycare injuries in Houston, TX, our team of daycare injury lawyers is here for you with dedication and experience handling this exact kind of case.


Children’s Rights to Care Against Daycare Injury

The United Nations, including the United States of America, agreed with the Convention on Children’s Rights. It includes a child’s right to protection, the right to no discrimination, the right to freedom and thought, and many more. And in Houston, our daycare injury lawyers are ready to fight for your child’s rights.

Also, these are agreements with the general rights each of those countries agreed to. Each country has its own set of policies on how to enact these rights. Basing it on the country’s policymakers and capacity to finance the needs for infrastructures in place.

For example, every single child in the United States of America has the fundamental right to care. Each child has a right to basic needs such as food, shelter, primary healthcare, and education.

Furthermore, this means every child must have access to clean and healthy food. They should be taken into homes or have protection from any type of weather. If they are sick, they should be given the right medical treatment. Plus, each child should have the opportunity to learn.


Child’s Rights in America

Thus, in America, there are food and shelter provisions from the state, such as child and family shelters. When it comes to education, there are public schools in every district. Scholarships are also given to those who need and deserve them the most.

Additionally, each child has the right to a loving and nurturing family. This love and nurture also extend to any person with the duty of care for that specific child.

In the U.S., the state approves policies on child abuse investigations. Regarding a daycare facility, each state has a licensing process that ensures all the measures that benefit children are in place.

In fact, for children’s care centres in Texas, the Health and Human Services Department has details of the process for its licensing regulations. Each facility has to pass the State’s minimum standards. Plus, childcare workers must pass background checks and standard qualifications. They must pass it all before allowing them to interact with children. These processes ensure that there is less risk of any child being hurt at daycare.


Daycare Injury: What to do if your child is injured at daycare?

Despite all the precautions of a State-approved Daycare facility, there are still instances when your child could sustain injuries. In these cases, knowing what you must do to ensure your child’s safety is important. And to hold the care facility and its staff accountable for it. Here are some of the steps from a Houston daycare injury lawyer:




Get Medical Attention

First and foremost, get your child the medical attention they need. Whether it’s a light or serious injury, get the necessary help from medical professionals.

If it’s a wound or less than serious injury, the childcare facility should apply some first aid solutions. However, make sure to check and do additional first-aid responses once your child is home.

For serious injuries, the daycare should follow emergency protocols and rush a child to a nearby hospital. If the daycare facilities did not do these actions, then there could be serious daycare negligence. If so, then the daycare should be held responsible and accountable.



Document Your Child’s Daycare Injury

After getting medical treatment, take photos of your child’s injury. This will help with any insurance claim or personal injury claim. Beyond that, documenting your child’s injury can help you check for its healing.

When able, ask your child about the events that took place and take note of what they say. If the accident occurred without you, it’d be easier to understand the event through your child’s narrative. Of course, it’s also important to ask the daycare staff to get the big picture of the accident.


Contact Potential Witnesses

Understanding the events leading up to the accident would be easier if you also gathered statements from witnesses present at the time and place of the accident. Whether it’s another daycare staff, parent, or child, it would be best to ask them about the accident and get their feedback from their point of view.


File an Incident Report

Another crucial step is filing an incident report. After gathering the necessary information, file an incident report with your insurance company and the daycare facilities.

It’s important not to wait too long to file an official report. Getting a clear picture and putting all relevant details of the accident on the report is a priority. Thus, if you wait too long, people’s memories of the accident might fade, or a different version of events will be given due to forgetfulness.


Discuss the Report with your Daycare Injury Lawyer

Get legal help from a daycare injury attorney with reliable experience. Talk to someone who has experience in dealing with insurance companies. And also experience in daycare facilities regarding the legal repercussions of a child’s daycare injury.


Hire a Daycare Injury Lawyer in Houston for your Child Care Injury Case

There are many benefits to working with a Houston daycare injury lawyer with top-notch qualifications. First, you will have someone who knows about the laws concerning any accidents involving your child.

Another benefit is that you would have someone who can negotiate well with insurance companies (or even the daycare facilities). Insurance companies are often quick to give a low insurance settlement for any personal injury cases. The main reason is they want to resolve the issue quickly and no longer dig deep into events leading to the accident.

Although the settlement may cover most of your child’s first medical bills, it won’t be enough to cover any ongoing medical treatment. Additionally, going through the legal process and medical procedures would require you to miss work, lessening your earning capacity. The accident may also impact your child with psychological issues needing long-term treatment. You should include These examples of claims in your insurance claim.

Furthermore, if there is foul play or clear negligence, the persons involved or the daycare centre. The state may need to come in and review possible renewal of licenses to ensure that children are still provided with the best care.


Daycare Center Legalities

If your child has been injured while in the care of a daycare centre, it is important to seek legal help. You may receive compensation for the injuries your child has suffered. The Houston, TX, daycare injury lawyers at Roxell Richards law firm are here to help you through this difficult time.

We offer free case reviews and consultations so that you can learn more about your legal options, and we will work on a contingency basis, meaning that you do not pay us anything unless we win your case. Contact us today at our local phone number (713) 974-0388 or via our toll-free number 1-855-GOT-INJURED to secure your family’s future.

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