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Episode 30: Can I talk to my past clients and vice versa?

Audio Transcript

Hey, you guys. Welcome back to another episode of Ask a Lawyer. My name is attorney Roxell Richards, your favorite injury attorney. And I’ve got this question, and the question is, can I talk to my past clients and vice versa Can you talk to your past lawyer? The answer is yes. Once a client, always a client. What this means is, if I’ve got a question that I need to go back and talk to a past client, yes, I’m going to reach back to my past client. They will always be a part of our wheelhouse. They will always continue to get communications unless they say, don’t email me no more. Don’t call me no more. Don’t text me no more. We will continue to keep them updated and, of course, all the legal tips that we have to share. And conversely, if you have hired a lawyer and they’ve worked on any matter for you in the past, you have every right to go back and talk to that lawyer and to talk to them about anything pertaining to your case. Okay? So if you’ve got more questions, go ahead and slide on in my DM or comment down below. And don’t forget to, like, comment and share this video. And for more legal tips and answers to your questions, go ahead and stay tuned in to Ask a Lawyer. Thank you.

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