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Episode 25: How long to resolve my case?

Audio Transcript


Hey, you guys,
Welcome welcome back
with another
episode of
Ask a Lawyer
I get another
question like
and probably,
I’d say once a week,
And that question is
how long will it take
to resolve my case
and the
answer is..
it depends on if your case
is in what’s called the..
or pre litigation stage,
that mean
where a suit has been
filed on your case
if it’s
pre litigation..
now, my office,
we do have
our office split
between prelit
and lit
In our prelit department,
we literally take the client
and we build
a case
car accident
all the way
to demand stage
And in between is
facilitating our clients
medical treatment
That means
making sure they go see
the right doctors
making sure
they go be seen
by the
correct specialist
making sure
that all of their..
symptoms are
as well as communicating
with the facility
to make sure the client
is kind of
made whole
at least as much as
they can be considering
And given the circumstances
I like to tell
if it’s a
soft tissue
that means there aren’t on broken bones
And generally,
maybe like herniations right?
Ilike to say
three to six months
Now, if on the other hand,
it’s a case that
can’t be resolved
and we’re at a
particular situation
where the
clients can’t
it’s not okay
with the settlement
and I tell them,
hey, I don’t recommend
accepting this case
I generally like
to give them
an option
And that option is,
go ahead
let’s file the suit
If the client is
okay with me
filing the lawsuit.
Once we file
that suit
generally the case
is going to be
placed on what’s
commonly called
as a docker control
order that gives
certain dates and deadlines that things need to be
done on the case
And when you
file that suit that
docket control order
is generally spread
out over
18 months
So that is how long
your case
will take for
the lit phase
of the case
So I hope
you guys understand
the difference
And that
also considers
let’s say,
for example,
we didn’t file your case
you started
maybe at the
prelit stage
That takes some time
And then you file suit
Then again,
you’re going to
add on 18 months
on there
Now, again,
this is general
This is literally
the way that
my office
has been
doing things
and this is
based on my
But other firms
could be different
you’ve got some cases
where it requires me to
file suit immediately
if you’ve got
some questions
go ahead
and slide on in
my DM
or comment below
those questions
even your thoughts,
I’d like for you to
comment those below
I like some feedback
and some engagement
with you
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if you’ve got
more questions
go ahead
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Thank you

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