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Episode 17: IVC Filters

Audio Transcript

You’re listening to the Ask Lori Podcast, episode 17 IVC filters so uhm Roxell

Well, what is an IVC filter? 

So an IVC filter is what we call it. 

But this is what it means. 

It is basically an inferior. 

Here, here. 

Vena cava filter. 

It’s a small cone shaped device that is implanted in your inferior vena cava, just below your kidneys. 

It’s usually designed to capture an embolism or a blood clot that has, you know, broken loose from one of the deep veins in the legs. 

Or it’s a way. 

To the heart and lungs. 

So usually you you put this in as a way to. 

Prevent blood clots. 

OK, that sounds really important. 

I don’t. 

Want blood clots? 

And why are we having a podcast about it? 

So the reason why we’re having a podcast about it is because there is litigation. 

Going on about this. 

Unfortunately, when most doctors in inserted this IVC. 

And I’m using the short abbreviated version, but most doctors put this in the patient’s. What happens is they’re they’re realizing that it becomes irremovable, and because it becomes irremovable this little this little. 

Counting or small little device, it ends up breaking, breaking apart sometimes and in some cases it can puncture other organs. 

In some cases it can lead to death. 

In some cases it can become proliferated. 

In some cases it could. 

It could, you know. 

Fracture other things and it’s just become. 

Unfortunately, one of the one of the cases that are is now commonly filed in the federal court in what we not commonly called a multi district litigation. 

Wow, that does not sound good, yes. 

So what if I have one of these filters? 

What if I had a surgery and they put it in? 

They told me all these good things is going to happen. 

In, in, and now I’m I’m with one I don’t have any problems. 

Yet, but I have one, so we still want you to give us a call. 

Take us, let’s take a look at, you know the medical records we need to get the medical records of where ’cause we need to know what type of device you had. 

There’s several different types of manufacturers for the IVC filter you have cook, you have barred. 

Let’s let’s determine you know what type of field you have, and let’s look at your medical records and let’s just see right now we are taking the IVC cases. 

So if you have one, no matter where you are, if you’re here in Texas or California or wherever you are, and you had that, please call my office. 

I want to speak with you. 

I would love the opportunity to look at your case. 

And I want to represent you. My phone number is 7139740388. 

That that seems like a bit of information that I might need. 

I don’t have an IVC filter, but I’ll be sure to tell everybody else that has one. 

And if you have one out there, I’d definitely recommend go ahead and give it, giving them a call ’cause that could be really serious. 

Have you had anything that seemed really life threatening? 

Yes, actually all of our cases that we currently have on our docket are all serious. 

Injuries some of our cases have resulted in death. 

And and and unfortunately, there’s just no, no, no easy case where where any of our clients are. 

Considered still healthy, so this is exactly what we’re handling come and we love for you all to give us a call. 

So there you have it. 

You have a way to contact them. 

You have a email address. 

You’ve got a website to get up, and that’s something you might want to do. 

If you have an IVC filter and this has been episode 17, IVC filters on the escalator podcast

You better ask the lawyer

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