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Pre-Lit Case Manager/Litigation Paralegal

We’re looking for someone to assist in managing our pre-litigation department. As a case manager, you will handle cases and assist in filing claims. Moreover, you will manage medical treatment, and demand writing. Provide assistance in negotiating reductions and closeout of cases.

The personality we are looking for:

You should be able to learn quickly and will represent an extension of our firm’s values. Putting the client’s interests above all.  A believer in time management, organization, and doing what takes to get the job done. Must be clear, concise, and keen to detail. Someone who can elevate to see the long-term vision. You can likely grow in your career and your development within our firm. In addition, you organize and actively get things done.

Your instinct is to create processes. Someone who focuses to become excellent at seeing a task through to completion. Typically loves working with people and cares about everyone. Moreover, an individual who is driven by metrics and tracking. Timeliness and deadlines are your jam.

You communicate clearly and confidently. Communicates thoughts with grace, without hesitation or overthinking. Also know why we do things a certain way to ensure we’re intentional with our resources.

A leader and a team player. Ego? What ego? If something needs to be done, you dive in to make sure all critical tasks are taken into account.

Experience: No experience is needed, but the experience is an advantage.

Compensation: Compensation is based on experience

About Roxell Richards Injury Law Firm

Roxell Richards Injury Law firm is a full-service law firm handling both the pre-litigation and litigation legal needs of injured people. While our office is based in Texas, we handle cases nationwide. We are a growing company that is more like a family. Also, we often come to work in sweatpants, t-shirts, and flip-flops because we roll up our sleeves. We are putting results at the forefront of our clients before ours.

Moreover, we pride ourselves on our organizational transparency, action, accountability, and caring about the customers and community we serve.

We are ONE and strive for the best for our company, colleagues, and members.





Website: roxellrichards.com

English Brand: getinjuryhelp.net

Spanish Brand: estuveenunchoque.com

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The Roxell Richards Injury Law Firm and its founder, Atty. Roxell Richards enjoys a strong reputation amongst lawyers in Houston, Texas. Providing our services all throughout Texas. However, the company also serves clients in California.

The firm is one of the most technologically advanced personal injury law firms. It is constantly innovating and improving the client experience. Moreover, our injury lawyers represent clients in a variety of personal injury cases. Such cases include car accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and fall accidents.

In addition, we also handle bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, dog bites and more. The firm also takes on complex civil litigation cases.


Our Mission is to fight for those with serious injuries while educating, serving, and informing them of their legal rights.

With personal injury attorneys representing people with injuries versus insurance companies since 2005. Roxell Richards injury law firm represents victims and family members who have lost loved ones in wrongful death claims.

We also represent personal injury, Social Security Disability, and workers’ compensation clients.


Our vision is to make the law more accessible for all people and shape the future of the practice of law. Expose the next generation to the necessary skills to enable them to understand the practice of law.

We believe that every firm can operate to meet their company’s daily business needs. However, our work is for a cause that’s beyond any business need.

In summary, no matter the injury, we treat each case with passion, vigor, and aggression. Seeking to right our client’s wrong. We take this responsibility seriously because we care.

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