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Episode 21: What are my Fees?

Audio Transcript

Hi, my name is attorney Roxel Richards,your favorite injury attorney, and welcome toanother episode of Ask a Lawyer.

Okay, so I get this question, like, all the time when people come into my office or if I’m on the phone with the lead.And that question is, what are my fees?

Well, my fees are on what’s called a contingency fee basis. And my fees are 33% and a third pre suit.If I have to file a suit on your case, my fee is 40%. Now, this is generally the standard here in the state of Texas as well as California, but there are some lawyers whocan charge upwards of 35% pre suit and 45%.I’ve even seen a lawyer charge 50%.

Now, that’s a business. I’m not judging, but it is what it is. But most injury lawyers here in the stateof Texas and generally everywhere else, we workon what’s called a contingency fee basis. You don’t pay me anything upfront to be able to accept your case. Should you meet my case criteria, I take on all the risk. So it  literally cost you nothing. If you got more questions, I want you to go ahead and slide on in my dm or comment below. And don’t forget to share, like and continue to follow me for more legal tips and answers to your wonderful questions.

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