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Episode 12: What is Personal Injury Protection Insurance?

Audio Transcript

You’re listening to episode 12 personal injury protection on the Ask Gloria podcast. 

Today, we’re going to learn about. 

What personal injury? 

Protection is and why you might need it. 

Where the tiny Roxell Richard, she’s going to give us the rundown. 

Hi Mom, how are you doing today? 

I’m really good, I’m just trying to find out what personal injury protection is like, everybody. 

Else here. 

OK, so we call it pip here in the office, but personal injury protection. 

It’s actually something that you can purchase with your insurance policy. 

I mean, if you actually choose not to select personal. 

Is your protection with your insurance policy you actually have to physically like excluded? 

Come whenever you are in your insurance agents office or wherever you are trying to purchase it, but. 

Nonetheless, this will allow you this additional coverage will allow you to be able to take that particular amount, whatever that amount is, or whether it’s 25115 hundred and you can actually use that scope towards your medical bills that you will probably incur should you be injured as a result of. 

You know the negligence of a third party, so this is something that will actually help you. 

Let’s say, for example, if you get in a car accident. 

And you know, maybe. 

Uhm, maybe maybe you’re found at far, or maybe you accidentally hit something and you’re injured. 

Well, this is where your personal injury protection. 

It can help absorb some of those medical expenses. 

Maybe those ambulance bills maybe that visit to the Doctor, so it’s definitely something I would recommend that you all check into and go and get it if you can. 

So would this. 

Be something my insurance already knows about what I would be able to call them up and ask for it. 

Or is it something special? 

That I might need to look up our mind. 

You can actually do all of the above, but if you go and talk to your insurance carrier and you say hey I want to add a personal injury protection to my in my coverage or another word that some people use is called Med pay. 

They pretty much in essence do the same thing, which is to help absorb your medical costs. 

Either one I would definitely recommend that you do that. 

And let’s say we have it, and we’re not really being able to use it. 

Our insurance won’t let us use it. 

It says that we don’t have the protection. 

Can we come to you for assistance and are? 

Being able to use it. 

Of course you can, because what I’m going to do is, I’m. 

Going to. 

Ask them demand that they show me proof of your insurance policy. 

And I want to see specifically where you specifically excluded that portion from the day that you purchased your insurance. 

So it’s going to be there and I will ask them and I they have to give it to me or else they’re going. 

To have to honor it, they can’t show it. 

So come down here to roxell Richards. 

I am your personal injury attorney. 

I fight day in and day out again and you’re going to always hear me say this. 

I literally eat sleep and. 

Breathe this because I want to make sure that people get the compensation that they deserve. 

I take my job seriously. 

I’m very passionate, very detailed, oriented, and I go through. 

Each and every document for you. 

I fight each case like it’s the only case, so give me a call if you’re having some issues with. 

Or Pip and you’ve been injured. Give me a call at 713-974-0388 again. 

My name is attorney Roxell Richards.

I’m licensed in the state of Texas as well as California. 

Thank you. 

And this has been episode 12 PIP on the escalator podcast. 

You better ask the lawyer powered by rocks or Richard law firm. 

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