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Episode 18: Pharmaceutical Injuries

Audio Transcript

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By Roxell Richards Law firm. 

You’re listening to the Ask a lawyer podcast episode 18. 

Pharmaceutical injuries. 

Now we’re with Roxell Richards of Roxell Richards Law Firm 

Hello, and we’re going to hear about pharmaceutical injuries, which means what drugs about things? 

Yeah, basically dangerous drugs. 

You know the types of drugs that you maybe get from your pharmacists because you they’re prescribed by your doctor. 

We’re talking about those kind of drugs, yes. 

Those kind of drugs OK? 

So I’ll hop right into it. 

So basically we represent clients who have suffered injuries involving, you, know, dangerous drugs is what we call them, and specifically right now we’re talking about, you know, Risperdal. 

We’re talking about Xarelto. 

We’re talking about Actos, so those are the some of the the pharmaceutical. 

Litigations right now that we are currently working. 

OK, I I also had Yaz. 

Is one of those things that came out. 

Yes, yes. 

And actually when you talk, yes, it’s actually one that’s the birth control. 

Yeah, the birth control drug, yes, so if you feel that you maybe have been in, maybe have suffered some injuries as a result of taking maybe a farm, a, a drug or a dangerous drug. 

Please give us a call here at the Roxell Richards law firm. 

I’d be interested in looking at your case, assessing your case, and determining whether or not. 

There’s any negligence on the part of the the drug manufacturer. 

Now how do I know that I just didn’t have like a bad reaction? 

Should I contact you regardless or? 

Contact me regardless, I’m interested in wanting to find out more about you, know your injuries. 

OK, and if I want to contact. 

You so you can contact me at 713-974-0388. 

Or give me a call. 

Or you can contact us on our website www.roxellrichards.com. We actually have a 24 hour chat so you can actually talk. 

Speak with one of our representatives and let us know you know what’s going on with regard to some of the dangerous jerks you’ve taken, or any some any prescription drugs that you take, and we’d like the chance to. 

Know what they are. 

And how far back does this go? 

If I took something in 80? 

One does that count, but I don’t know about 81, but definitely give me a call because if you have taken something, maybe it’s for for a very very, very long time. It could be one of the. 

Works, that’s it that we have right now in some of our litigation. 

So ’cause we do understand that when you take these dangerous drugs, you probably are going to take them for a very, very long time. 

So definitely give us a call. 

Got it what that is episode 18. 

Pharmaceutical injuries on the Ask a lawyer podcast. 

Thank you man. 

You better ask the lawyer powered by Roxell Richards Law Firm 

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