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Episode 7: Share Ride Accidents

Audio Transcript

You’re listening to ask Lawyer episode 7 Uber accidents, so we’re here with Roxell Richards law firm with Roxell Richards and everybody knows. 

I absolutely love Ubers. I love Uber’s. I love taking Ubers. Everybody likes taking Ubers after you know, a night of partying or going out, or just sometimes you don’t feel like driving. An Uber is great, but what happens when? 

You get an accident with Uber. 

How is that different from a regular car accident? 

Well my this is something that probably most people don’t know. 

Of course, I really didn’t know until I started really investigating Uber and different ride sharing vehicles because I had to, just, you know, investigate the liability of for a case of ours. 

OK, so when you are involved in an accident with a ride sharing. 

Vehicles such as like you know Uber or Lyft. 

It’s important to understand that they are different from a normal car accident. 

Over is particularly a good example. 

They do not consider their drivers employees, but independent contractors, and so they may be quick. 

The they may be quicker to to deny inch injury claims because of this. 

So for example, both Uber and Lyft use applications that can take a driver’s attention off the road. This means that these accidents can be the fault of the rideshare drivers. Nearly anyone can become an Uber or Lyft driver so. 

So long as they have a personal auto auto insurance in place a license and meet a few other requirements, they’re pretty much going to be hired. 

Many of these drivers do not have any training or experience with transporting clients, making it dangerous for them to. 

Be on the. 

Road all day with increased chances for accidents to crucial that these companies take extra precautions. 

To assure that their drivers are being safe so we can talk a little bit about insurance policies. 

So a lot of people probably don’t know that. 

Uhm, these companies Uber and or Lyft. They carry policies that are that are $1,000,000 of liability coverage for any accident. This coverage is only provided when a driver is actually performing a trip for the company. 

So you know when you have our legal team on our side on your side, we will help you swiftly maneuver through all the complexities of rideshare accidents. 

It’s important to understand it between the the different insurance policies involved. 

All drivers though, like I stated before, it must have their own personal insurance in order to be. 

Eligible for work. 

For both Uber and Lyft. 

OK, so let’s say that they have their their insurance and all that happens. 

We get in an accident and over decides that at that point they weren’t. 

You know, working they were off the clock or something like that, but I’m still in the car. 

Or let’s say the driver didn’t actually clock me in when he picked me up. 

He actually closed it. 

How could I? 

How could I still go about? 

You know, getting help for my medical bills and things like that. 

We understand that Clarkson claims can be extremely confusing, especially in situations like you know these ridesharing vehicles. 

We have a firm grasp on insurance policies and coverage involved in these types of accidents, so you need to talk with a lawyer and let us talk to you in order to find out you know really what the real truth facts are and to see whether or not they can meet liability for us to be able to go after the the the ride sharing company. 

So give us a call because it’s no easy feat and that’s why you need somebody on your side who’s going to take your injury personal enough to make sure that they act fast, aggressively, efficiently, and favorably on your behalf. 

Awesome, well where can we? 

Where can we find if we want? 

To give you a call 713-974-0388 again, my name is attorney Roxell Richards and give me a call because I take your Injury personal 

Wonderful that was ask a lawyer. 

Episode 7 uber. 

Accidents powered by. 

Roxell Richards law firm. 

You better ask the lawyer

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