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Episode 19: Types of Injury Damages

Audio Transcript

You’re listening to the Ask a lawyer podcast episode 19 Types of damages. 

We’re here with attorney, right? 

So rigid, she’s going to be giving us a few insights on what are the type of damage is you can get for your car accident. 

So welcome back, it’s been. 

A while it has been a while. 

Sorry you guys, I’m back just been in trials and been busy but I have not forgotten about you and gonna be breaking down all of these episodes a little bit more in detail so that you can take your notes. 

So get out your pen and paper and let’s learn. 

Good, wonderful, so a friend of mine just got an accident. 

She doesn’t really know what to do and she didn’t want to call lawyer because she felt that it wasn’t that big of an accident to begin with. 

What are some things you might tell her? 

What are some things that she can get four at the action even if it wasn’t? 

Something that she thinks. 

Was a big deal, so this is where you can actually get. 

Money for your accident and here in Texas there damages are classified as both general damages which we say non economic damages and special damages which are considered economic damages. 

Those are the two types of damages that you can seek for your car accident claim. 

Got your wonderful and with those types of images, does it matter if I was hurt and not heard if my car was hurt? 

Is there? A difference, yes, because all of these damages are going to be based upon your injury, and so if you’re not technically injured or not in any type of pain, then it wouldn’t be OK to sit and claim that. 

You need money for an injury that you have not sustained, so you should be injured or you will be injured and that is why you’re asking for money. 

Got it so I’m injured and I’ve caught a lawyer and they’re going to help me out. 

I mean, you’ve already explained those types of damages. 

What are some remedies or things that they would do monetarily to get me some help with that? 

Is it just medical bills? 

If I have medical bills, would they do something like pain and suffering? 

I heard of that before, can you? 

Tell me a little bit about that. 

I sure can’t mine. 

So basically you would be you can get. 

I’m lost wages, which is money that you’ve lost due to the accident and that would actually be classified as a special or economic damage which we will go into in the next episode. 

You can also get non economic damage type and that is where you can ask for money for your pain and suffering and it should be noted. 

That here in Texas, in order to get money for pain and suffering, there is no definite, you know amount, so to speak that says this is the amount I want. 

It’s it’s based upon the extent of your injury, the nature, and several different factors, which is pretty much dumb. 

Discretion so and if we were to go to trial, this is what we would lay out, and the jury would come back and say, this is what we feel that your pain and suffering is worth. 

Of course, as the lawyer they should set out a basis upon which the jury can come back and find at least a reasonable or plausible plausible way that they reach that. 

Particular settlement, or that particular verdict. 

That was a lot, but it made sense. 

    Good, so now we’ve learned about the different type of damages that you have and the options that you have. 

    If I wanted to find you or another lawyer, but perfectly you where would I go and then when do I? 

    Need to do that. 

    So the best thing is that the moment that you were in a car accident, the moment that. 

    You are hit, it is. 

    Especially important that you seek legal help immediately from the moment you’re involved in an accident and if you’re injured there, you need to make sure that you are being sought by a medical provider. 

    We need to make sure that you your injuries are healed and a a good lawyer would wanna make sure of that as well and they can also help facilitate. 

    That as well, you can find me on the web at roxellrichards.com and that’s spelled ROX, as in Xray LL. 

    I CHRDS or you can find me at iminawreck.com 7139740388. 

    That’s really easy to remember. 

    I remember I can remember that last website that works wonderful. 

    Well, you’ve been listening to episode 19 on the Escalade podcast types of damages. 

    We’ll see you again next time. 

    Thank you my. 

    Second, you better ask the lawyer,

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