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Episode 15:What is underinsured motorist coverage?

Audio Transcript

You’re listening to episode 15? 

Umm, of the escalated podcast Power by Roxell Richards Law Firm. 

So they were sitting here with Roxell Richards and we’re talking about you. 

I am. 

What is that that? 

Is underinsured motorist coverage. 

And what does that mean? 

OK so I’m gonna put it in my terms. 

My rock sale terms. 

So basically this is additional coverage that will cover you in the event that you were in an accident and there is not enough money to be able to come. 

Compensate you for all of the injuries that you have, so I will give you an example on when this will play out you ready. 

Yes, OK? 

Next to that. 

And I’m not at fault. 

There is a third party who hits me. He’s found at fault. Liability is clear. He has with what we commonly call a 3060 policy, which means that the most that they will cover for one person in the car is $30,000 in bodily injury. If there’s more than one person in the most is $60,000 and my medical bills are. 

$50,000, so in that case insurance company says, you know. 

But let’s go ahead and give rock sale. This complete policy limits, which is a $30,000. And here’s where you I am will come in and kick into place. They will come in. 

And I’ll be independent on the policy amount for my UIM coverage. 

I’ll have that additional money as well. 

So Umm, that’s something that I have on my. 

That is correct. 

So this is something that. 

You pay for. 

And that you want to ask your insurance agent to add on if you are purchasing some insurance policies or in the process of maybe renewing your insurance coverage. 

OK, what if I had no clue that I had you? 

I am and I got an accident, let’s say last year and I didn’t get enough money. 

I have a lot of medical bills and it really didn’t cover much, is it? 

Too late, no. 

It’s not too late. 

So if you do have UIM coverage actually, this actually happened on a case that a client came to me. 

She had an accident. 

A year ago, but look, you can reopen your your claim. 

You have previously filed one and nothing happened. 

If you have power. 

If you have coverage and the insurance carrier. 

Uhm, never facilitated that claim. 

You have up to four years to be able to file a lawsuit. 

If you find that you know there was coverage and the insurance company maybe is saying we’re not paying it. 

    So now that I know about you, I am and I know that if something happens where my bills aren’t paid by the other person, I can do something about it. 

    What if I want to come to you? 

    Do I get in contact? 

    With you so you can give me a call at 79740388 that is our number here at the law firm and we basically are here 24 hours, seven days a week. 

    You can even go on our website. 

    We have online chat where you can actually speak with one of our representatives and be able to talk to us anytime of the night. 

    Or you can be able to call anytime. 

    The night day or night and I would love to represent you in your accident. 

    One last question, so it seems that if I already have it and my insurance has to give it to me, why exactly might I need a lawyer? 

    Why can’t I just do it myself? 

    Well, I. mean anybody can handle their their claim their self if you theoretically. 

    But this is some of the things that you want to make sure if you are first of all insurance companies. 

    They are exactly that insurance company. 

    They do not want, they’re not your friends. 

    OK, they are pretty much the gate holders. 

    To to the to. 

    To the money, and so you want to be able to have a lawyer on your side, not only if it’s not me, any lawyer, somebody that knows the law that can assess your policy, that can make sure liability is clear. 

    That can make sure that they can. 

    You know if if in the event your carrier doesn’t want to honor coverage, fight for you to be able to make them pay, and if not, follow lawsuit on your behalf. 

    Yes, OK, so it seems like I’ll save me a lot of headache by just finding a lawyer. 

    Yep, well, that’s a good thing that I’m one found this podcast and then two. 

    I have your information that is correct, so we’re all good to go. 

    Thank you ma’am. 

    You are welcome. 

    That was episode 15 you I am on the Ash Glory podcast, powered by Roxell Richards law firm. 

    You better ask the lawyer powered by Roxell Richards Law Firm 

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