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Episode 14: What is uninsured motorist coverage?

Audio Transcript

You’re listening to ask a lawyer podcast episode 14. 

Uninsured motorist. 

We’re here with Roxell Richards of Roxell Richards Law Firm, and we’re gonna be talking. 

About what today uninsured motors. 

I need. 

And by that, what do you? 

Mean so basically this is insurance coverage that you can purchase on your insurance policy that protects you in the event you are injured in an accident as a result of a third party or another person hitting you and they are at fault and they don’t have coverage. 

So let’s say I’m at a grocery store and I get hit and the person doesn’t have insurance. 

You’re telling me there’s a way I can still recover? 

There is a way you can recover, and that’s specifically through this portion. 

Now, this assumes that the other party does not have ensure. 

And let’s say I had something like. 

This happened to me a while ago and I was told they didn’t have insurance. 

So I kind of let it go well, I might not be able to still find out if I have this and maybe do something about it. 

Yes, contact your insurance agent. 

Get a copy of your policy that was in effect at the time of the accident and look and ask your agent if you had. 

Uninsured motorist now you can get a physical copy, and if you don’t have your agent provide you or have the insurance carrier provided you if you can’t. 

Let them prove where you specifically excluded uninsured motorist coverage from your policy and you do have a. 

Well, it’s like a four year statute of limitations, so you’ve got four years to bring your claim against your carrier. 

If you did in fact have it and they won’t cover it. 

    It seems like this might be a common thing. 

    Is there at the minute time that something like this has happened? 

    I’m sure yes we actually have a case right now, where in the third party hit her. 

    She has serious injuries and you know, luckily for her, she’s able to get some sort of compensation for her injuries and her pain and suffering as a result of this third party being negligent. 

    Uhm, you know in her car accident, so yeah, this happens all the time. 

    Where do you? 

    And if I’m one of those people who happen to have this happen to them, how do I get in contact with you? 

    If I wanted to do something about it. 

    So give me. 

    A call my number is area code 7139740388. 

    I would love to look at your insurance policy. 

    I would love to see what type of coverage you have and I would love to facilitate your claim. 

    And represent you in pursuing all compensation on your behalf. 

    Whether we go through your your insurance carrier, which is the URL or otherwise. 

    That is great information. 

    Like I said, this is episode 14. 

    Uninsured motorist on the Ask Lawyer Podcast,

    Thank you ma’am. 

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