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Episode 27: What is my case worth?

Audio Transcript


Hi. Welcome back, you guys, to anotherepisode of Ask a Lawyer.My name is attorney Roxell Richards, your favorite injury attorney.And I get this question a lot.And the question is, what is my case worth,Ms. Richards?How much money am I going to get? Ms.Richards and the answer is, I can’t tell youthat it right, because each case isn’t that different.It depends on the extent of your injuries.It depends on a lot of different things.And when we talk about personal injury, right, we literally have different damage elements that we can actually claim right underneath the monetary compensation portion of your claim. So let’s talk about, for example,on that jury charge, right?I’ll ask the jury for reasonable compensation for your mental anguish and pain and suffering. That’s one. And I’ll ask them for any future pain and suffering and mental anguish. That’s two, two different amounts, right? Then I’ll ask them for any past disfigurement in your case, another thing. And the fourth one, any future disfigurement they’ll put in them out there, or maybe they won’t. Then I’ll ask them for another one, which is past impairment. They’ll put a monetary figure right there. Then I’ll ask them, any future impairment? They’ll put a put a answer right there. Then I’ll also maybe ask them if there’s any loss of earnings capacity, they’ll put an amount right there. Any future loss of earning capacity, they’ll put an amount right there. We’ll talk about any household services, they’ll put them in a right there. And maybe in the future, they’ll put an amount right there. So as you can see, right, in terms of giving you an exact dollar amount, I can’t. But in all my cases that I do take on, I do ask for policy limits. That means the max that the insurance policy allows for that person who hit you. Okay? So I hope that answers your questions. And if you’ve got more questions, go ahead and comment below those questions, or you can even share your thoughts on this episode. And don’t forget to, like, comment and share this video and stay plugged in for more legal tips as well as answers to your questions.

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