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Episode 10: What to do in a Slip and Fall?

Audio Transcript

You’re listening to the Ask a lawyer podcast episode 10. 

Slip and fall. 

We’re going to talk about a few things that you need to do to help you win your case. 

We’re here with Attorney Roxell Richards. 

And she’s going to give us a few pointers on that. 

Thank you so much. 

First of all, I want to talk to you all about slip and fall and some of the things that you all can do to help. 

Me help you on the first thing you need to do is you need to make sure you document. 

I can’t stress that enough. 

I know you guys keep hearing me, say, document, document, document, but you got a document no real way to get around that and and what I mean by that is I need you guys to get a sheet of paper takedown. 

Every person information that is there at the time of the slip and fall it. 

If there’s employees, their get their names, get their positions, get their telephone numbers. 

Also make an incident report. 

On site also there’s other witnesses, maybe who’s who’s seen it get their information as well, and also take a picture. 

You gotta take a picture because it’s so important in order to help me be your voice to say look, this is the substance upon which you know my client fell on. 

Or that caused her to fall. 

So take pictures and then. 

Also please do not. 

Allow the insurance company to force you into taking a recording. 

Do not sign any paperwork. 

Do not admit fault and not make any statements. 

Do not do any of that. 

Before you do that, please go and consult with an attorney because they are not your friend. 

You again are going to probably make a claim against them. 

They’re not your friend. 

And So what you can say it, you know. 

Unfortunately, like in criminal law and. 

You know, kind of the same type of concept you know applies here too. 

It could be used against you so. 

Document get your information, take pictures and go consult a lawyer that will help me help you. 

That is very good information. 

What if we’ve already fallen? 

It’s been a minute. 

How long do we have to? 

File a claim. 

You got two years. 

And with a slip and fall case you all it’s not. 

Uhm, the most easiest type of claim to to prove, and the way that the statute is written. 

It you know everything is going to be fact intensive. 

So it’s very important. 

I can’t stress enough that you document. 

That’s that’s also very good to know. 

So let’s say we haven’t documented and we wanted to go back. 

Back to maybe get some more information would be the best route that you feel to go back to the location that something has happened, and maybe try to get incident report or a way to get you know employees names or maybe would it even help. 

Just get a picture of the area to even. 

Prove a little. 

Bit with that, yes, I definitely recommend that you take a picture of the area. 

I also recommend going back if you can. 

If you don’t have time to speak with an attorney, go back as soon as you can to get those pictures and also and I didn’t mention this before hand. 

My you also want to make sure you seek medical attention if you’re injured. 

You definitely need to make sure you go and seek medical attention. 

Because that’s also going to play a part in getting you compensation that you deserve for whatever injuries that this slip and fall incidents cost you. 

If you are a loved one, have been involved in a slip and fall incident, please do not hesitate to call me Roxell Richards. 

I work very hard for my clients. 

I’m here at this office day in and day out. 

I literally eat, sleep and breathe fighting for my clients every day and I take my job seriously and I literally go through. 

Each and every document with a fine tooth comb to make sure that my clients get the compensation that they deserve, and if and when I do my demand letters, they’re just not some 234 page demand letter. 

It reflects in my work. 

It reflects in the numbers, so please do not hesitate to call me day or night attorney Roxell Richards 7139740388. 

And this has been episode 10, slip and fall on the Ask Lawyer Podcast. 

You better ask. 

The lawyer

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