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Episode 28: Who will handle my case?

Audio Transcript


Welcome back, you guys. My name is attorney Roxell Richards, your favorite injury attorney. and I get this question too. and the question is, who will handle my case? The answer is me and my team. Now, I have a team. I’d like to think I take all the credit, but I don’t. I have a team. In fact, I wouldn’t be here if I did not have a team working and doing the heavy lifting. So who’s going to handle your case? My team and I. Again, we work like a will oil machine. Everything is super organized. Everything is runs on structure. So you will pretty much know everything that’s going on in your case. I even offer a portal so that you can see every single communication that’s being facilitated on your case. You can see all your medical records, you can see all of the email correspondence that goes out, and you can even message me in the middle of the night if you’ve got a question. OK? So I hope that answers your question. And if you’ve got any more questions, go ahead and comment below or slide on in my DMs. And don’t forget to like, comment and share this video. And always stay plugged in for more legal tips as well as answers to your injury questions. Thank you guys so much. My name is Attorney Roxell Richards. You can find me at www.getinjuryhelp.net

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