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What Does A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Do?

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A Houston-based motorcycle accident lawyer is well aware that a majority of injuries resulting from such incidents range from severe to catastrophic, often leading to fatal outcomes.

National statistics indicate that approximately 80 percent of motorcycle accidents result in injury or death.

At Roxell Richards Injury Law Firm, our legal team comprehends the profound impact of motorcycle accidents on victims and their families.

We are committed to diligently pursuing financial compensation for our clients to address the losses they endure.

The aftermath of a motorcycle accident, marked by significant or fatal injuries, places an immense burden on the surviving victims, entailing substantial medical bills, property damage to the motorcycle, and lost wages until a return to full-time work is possible.

Every motorcycle accident lawyer in Houston, TX, understands the profound financial, mental, physical, and emotional toll such incidents exact on victims of motorcycle accident cases.

In the event that the responsible party fails to offer a fair settlement covering all accident-related damages, including anticipated future medical treatment costs, our legal team stands ready to provide assistance. Our mission is to furnish motorcyclists with the necessary legal services to secure the compensation they rightfully deserve while they focus on recovery.

Type of Motorcycle Injuries

Our team of Houston motorcycle accident lawyers has represented numerous accident victims, recognizing specific injuries prevalent in these incidents. Common injuries include:

  1. Biker’s Arm: Occurs when a motorcycle crash propels the rider from the bike, causing them to instinctively use their arms to break the fall, resulting in permanent nerve damage termed “biker’s arm.” Upper body nerves can also suffer damage.
  2. Brain and Head Injuries: Helmets mitigate severe head injuries, yet crashes may produce forces surpassing helmet protection. Wearing helmets is crucial for all riders, regardless of state laws.
  3. Fractured Bones: High risk of fractures, particularly in legs, from the motorcycle falling on the rider. Fractured arms, wrists, pelvises, and shoulders are also common due to instinctive attempts to break falls.
  4. Injuries to Legs: Despite protective gear, injuries like shattered feet and knees remain common in motorcycle accidents.

Dispelling Common Myths About Motorcycle Accidents

  1. Riding with a BAC below .08 is Safe Reality: Any alcohol impairs the operation of motorcycles, requiring balance, coordination, and fast reflexes. Even a single drink can compromise safety.
  2. Laying the Bike Down Prevents Crashes Reality: Laying the bike down is generally unsafe, increasing the risk of getting trapped under another vehicle.
  3. Having a Driver’s License Means Safe Motorcycle Operation Reality: Operating a motorcycle without a specific license is both unsafe and illegal. Lack of a motorcycle license can impact damage claims.
  4. Lane Splitting Is Always Safe Reality: Lane splitting isn’t always safe or legal. Violating traffic rules may lead to liability in accidents involving lane splitting.
  5. Helmets Cause Neck or Spinal Cord Injuries Reality: Helmets absorb impact damage, reducing the likelihood of neck or spinal cord injuries, as evidenced by studies.
  6. Leather is Only for Appearance Reality: Leather provides protection against road rash, offering a physical barrier in accidents.

Our Legal Services and Expertise

To secure fair compensation, free consultation from a motorcycle accident lawyer in Houston, TX from Roxell Richards Injury Law Firm is crucial.

Experienced motorcycle accident attorney analyze cases to the common causes of motorcycle accidents, determine negligence, fault, and violations of traffic laws. Legal representation is essential to negotiate maximum settlement amounts with insurance companies, ensuring victims receive just compensation for their losses.

First Steps After a Motorcycle Accident

  1. Seek medical treatment immediately if injured.
  2. Contact an experienced Houston, TX motorcycle accident lawyer for legal guidance.

Questions and Concerns After an Accident

  1. Can you sue a driver even if they claim not to have seen you? Answer: Yes, negligence warrants compensation, irrespective of whether the driver saw the motorcyclist.
  2. What if the motorcyclist was speeding before the accident? Answer: Consult with a Houston, TX motorcycle accident lawyer to explore options, as contributory factors may impact compensation.
  3. What compensation can be sought? Answer: Damages may include medical bills, pain and suffering, and bike repair costs, depending on the accident’s circumstances.

Determining Liability for a Motorcycle Accident

Investigative techniques employed by Roxell Richards Injury Law Firm include accident reconstructions, forensic accident investigations, video recordings, law enforcement reports, witness interviews, and vehicle inspections. Recovering damages involves proving liability through evidence, providing a basis for claims and compensation.

Consulting a Houston, TX Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Timely consultation with a skilled personal injury lawyer specializing in motorcycle accidents is crucial for multiple reasons

While victims focus on physical recovery, legal professionals handle the intricacies of the case, ensuring comprehensive compensation is pursued. Experienced attorneys understand case worth, preventing victims from settling for inadequate amounts offered by insurance companies.

Recovering from a Motorcycle Accident

Physical recovery should prioritize medical attention and adherence to doctor’s orders. Legal recovery involves consulting a motorcycle accident lawyer in Houston, TX to understand rights, irrespective of fault. Mental recovery requires acknowledging and addressing trauma, seeking therapy or counseling for emotional well-being.

Appealing Unfavorable Rulings

In cases of unfavorable rulings, an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer knows how to file for reconsideration, ensuring every legal avenue is explored for just compensation.

Hiring a Lawyer After a Motorcycle Accident

Vulnerability to injury in motorcycle accidents necessitates hiring an experienced lawyer to navigate complex legal processes, determine fault, handle insurance negotiations, secure expert testimony, and ensure fair compensation. A qualified motorcycle accident lawyer in Houston, TX, such as those at Roxell Richards Injury Law Firm, safeguards victims’ rights, providing essential legal support.

Recovery after a Motorcycle Accident

Physical recovery entails prioritizing medical care, legal recovery involves seeking advice from a motorcycle accident lawyer, and mental recovery requires addressing trauma through therapy or counseling. The legal team at Roxell Richards Injury Law Firm is ready to assist victims in navigating every aspect of their recovery.

In conclusion, a motorcycle accident lawyer in Houston, TX from Roxell Richards Injury Law Firm is committed to providing comprehensive legal support, ensuring victims receive just compensation and facilitating their recovery journey. To schedule a complimentary legal consultation, contact our team promptly to initiate the process and meet the statute of limitations in Texas.

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